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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars

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Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars
Doctor Who - The Complete Specials 5 DVD set
David Tennant, Lindsay Duncan
Written by Russell T. Davies
Originally aired November 2009
BBC Warner 2010

Doctor Who The Waters of Mars is the penultimate Doctor Who adventure with David Tennant in the title role. The Waters of Mars is available as a single DVD or as part of the Doctor Who The Complete Specials 5 DVD set. It is nice of BBC Warner Brothers to remember fans of the series have probably already bought the first two Christmas specials The Next Doctor and Planet of the Dead and make the last two specials The Waters of Mars and The End of Time available individually.

The weight of being the last Time Lord and the many difficult decisions he has had to make in the past is starting to affect the Doctor. In The Waters of Mars the Tardis arrives on Mars in 2059. There, a companionless Doctor finds the first man-made Mars base. He soon learns he has arrived at a really bad time historically speaking and realizes he must not stop events from unfolding as they must as this would change history.

Doctor Who The Waters of Mars takes a while to get rolling past the familiar strange creatures doing something bad to nice humans setup. The Doctor also flashes to web pages indicating what the history requires so you kind of know what is going to happen. This Doctor Who DVD does get interesting  more that half way when a couple of things change, changes that are probably setting up the next special The End of Time.

Character wise, the Doctor is a bit bizarre here. He seems to be expecting his death and looking for the four knocks that have been foretold. He also does a few uncharacteristic things. This said, David Tennant is excellent in the role.

A couple of scenes in the show like the odd creature showing up in the last minute require knowledge of the Doctor Who David Tennant series but nothing that really takes away from enjoying this show.

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