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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - The End of Time

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Doctor Who - The End of Time
Doctor Who - The Complete Specials 5 DVD set
David Tennant, John Simms, Bernard Cribbins
Written by Russell T. Davies
Originally aired December 2009 and January 2010
BBC Warner 2010

Series guru Russell T Davies and David Tennant, the tenth Doctor, go out with a bang in Doctor Who The End of Time. This 2 part 2 DVD set is also available in the Doctor Who The Complete Specials 5 DVD set with The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, and The Waters of Mars. Of these 5 Doctor Who specials The End of Time certainly is the best. It does contain more mythic references to the series that started in 2005 but that knowledge is not essential to enjoying this two-part adventure.

The End of Time is always colored by the Doctor’s belief that his end, announced by four knocks, is near. This very much colors his actions and his attitude. There is a poignant scene where the tenth doctor reveals that even if the Doctor can regenerate dying means his own existence ends.

The Doctor’s nemesis The Master reawakens. His first action is to call the Doctor so he can witness his latest attempt at taking over the universe. This time, the Doctor is aided by Wilfred, the grandfather of Donna Noble, his season 4 companion.  

The Master’s plan involves a sci-fi style gate owned by a millionaire. It is that gate that allows him to achieve his plans. What the Master is unaware of is this will unlock the Time Lords from the time prison in which they were locked in (sort of like Superman’s Phantom Zone. The Time Lords’ plans are far more sinister than that of the Master. The Doctor must make a few important decisions.

The story sounds more complicated than it really is. Doctor Who The End of Time is quick-paced and action driven. Fans of the series and those familiar with it will not be disappointed but this is not the show to introduce someone to the series.

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