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Action - Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry Blu-ray

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Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry Blu-ray
Action Double Feature with Magnum Force
Directed by Don Siegel
Originally released 1971
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
102 minutes

The Classic Clint Eastwood cop movie Dirty Harry is now available in a 2 Blu-ray disc set titled Action Double Feature with Magnum Force, the second movie in the franchise. Eastwood fans have probably gotten the digibook version or the Dirty Harry Blu-ray box set version but if you fondly remember or heard a lot about Dirty Harry, you should be "feeling lucky" as this is a very good deal. The only difference between the Dirty Harry in this 2 Blu-ray set and the already available Digibook version is the book itself.

Dirty Harry is simply superb and features one of the best screen villains ever, Scorpio (Andrew Robinson who also played Garak on Star Trek TNG) who threatens to shoot one person a day unless he gets a ransom (a now ridiculous sounding 100 thousand). What also makes this Don Siegel picture so good are Eastwood's interpretation, the character, the writing, and, especially, the villain

This movie is formulaic. A lone cop who has his own code of honor and would much rather be left alone by his bosses who insist on getting in his way. Harry is assigned a young partner even if he doesn't want one. Etc.

You can easily dispute which of the Dirty Harry movies is the best but in my mind this is the one.

Eastwod fans will notice Play Misty for Me is playing at the theater near the diner where Harry gets his hotdog.

Special features on the Dirty Harry Blu-ray include an interesting commentary track by Eastwood biographer Richard Schickel. Other features include -"Dirty Harry: The Original" featurette: hosted by Robert Urich;  "Dirty Harry's Way" interviews;
Trailer Gallery for all five Dirty Harry films; The Long Shadow of Dirty Harry; Clint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso; and American Masters Clint Eastwood Out of the Shadows. There is also an interview clip gallery and one for trailers.

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