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Action - Armored

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Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Columbus ShortLawrence Fishburne, Skeet Ulrich
Directed by Nimrod Antal
Sonyt Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
88 minutes

If you have seen the trailer for the Armored DVD, you pretty much know the basics of this pretty good action movie: guys working for an armored truck company decide to heist one of their own trucks, one guy is reluctant to go along, one guy changes his mind, and all hell breaks loose. Armored is that simple, has quite a few good twists, and it does not fart around.

What you want from a movie like this is action and tension. Armored delivers. The characters and the situation are quickly drawn to give as much screen time as possible to the heist and the drama it will create. Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Columbus Short, and Lawrence Fishburne play ordinary Joes working a minimum wage job. Iraq War vet Ty (Short) is the new guy and Mike (Matt Dillon) is his sort of mentor. The other guys are just other guys although you get the feeling Baines (Fishburne) is a little different.

Mike has figured out a way to pull a great heist, Ty is the last one who needs convincing. Life and cinematic coincidence will take care of that.

Armored is a bit predictable with lines like “promise me nobody gets hurt” but what did you expect? This isn’t one of those artsy-fartsy movie. The story moves quickly, the various problems and solutions are original and believable enough though a good dose of willing suspension of disbelief is needed for one of the twists.

If you want a fun to watch thriller, Armored delivers.

Special features on the Armored DVD include a cast and crew commentary track that is also subtitled, a Making Of, a feature about the stunts, and a feature about production design. Armored Blu-ray only adds a feature on the stunts and BD live to the special features.

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