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Action - Bitch Slap Unrated

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Bitch Slap Unrated
Erin Cummings, America Olivo, Julia Voth
Directed by Rick Jacobson
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
109 minutes

Bitch Slap is a hoot – ers. This D cup B movie is as fun as the babes are bodacious. The violence is as obvious as the cleavage which itself is as over the top as the acting and dialogue. Not to oversell this chick action flick but this movie has a small budget, lots of green screen Tarantino quality to it. The Bitch Slap DVD would be fifteen minutes shorter if it wasn’t for all the slo-mo cleavage and legs shots but I am not complaining.

Bitch Slap is a 21st century version of the fifties and sixties made-for-drive-in sexploitation movies. I know because that’s what the opening credits tell you. This means there is a plot  --and here it is more than serviceable— that sets up lots of occasions to see long-legged babes in tight t-shirts and these are babes you really like to see in such situations. When this action movie doesn’t set up cheesecake it sets up action and violence. Bitch Slap also features more flashbacks than a bad acid trip.

A redhead named Hel, a very aggressive dirty blonde named Camero, and a brunette names Trixie are trying to find hidden 200 million in diamonds before a notorious baddie named Pinkie finds them. Nefarious nefarious characters show up to get in the way and in a violent scene.

If you pay close attention to something other than the cleavage you will notice this movie has a certain recurring theme: it takes place partly in Jackwood County, there’s a bad guy named Popmeov, and a deputy named Fuchs.

Bitch Slap is the kind of action movie you are more than willing to just sit back and enjoy.

Special features on the Bitch Slap DVD include a commentary track by the filmmakers (useless), a commentary track by the three bodacious babes (fun), and a featurette titled Building a Better B Movie. The Bitch Slap website bitchslapmovie.com is cool

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