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Mainstream - Breaking Bad The Complete Second Season

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Breaking Bad The Complete Second Season
Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn
Originally aired AMC 2009
12 episodes, 4 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

The Complete Second Season Breaking Bad DVD set includes a recap of season one, a feature more DVD sets should include. Breaking Bad ‘s premise is high school chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) learns he has terminal lung cancer. To make sure his growing family doesn’t need anything after his demise he becomes a meth cook. He is somewhat ably assisted by a former student, Jesse (Aaron Paul). He must avoid detection by his DEA brother-in-law.

Breaking Bad Season 2 opens with Walt in his secret identity of Heisenberg finalizing a deal with gang leader Tuco. This of course sets up a violent chain of events. The teddy bear that opens this season foreshadows the last episode.

Season 2 of Breaking Bad includes the death of a drug dealer or two, problems at home for both Walt and his DEA brother-in-law, and Jesse being Jesse and going downhill in the process. Walt’s sister-in-law Marie comes in for the occasional weird comic relief.

Episode 2 is especially good, from the very original rocking car opening scene to the scene between Walt’s wife Skyler and the detective. In Bit by a Dead Bee Walt gets caught with his pants down in a lie. More of the teddy bear in the pool is revealed at the beginning of episode 4 where Jesse really starts to go downhill.

The relationship between Walt and Jesse changes in episode 5 of Breaking Bad the Complete Second Season. This changes everything.

John de Lancie  (Q on STNG) shows up as one of the character’s father in a couple of the last shows in season 2. Season 2’s last episode reveals the story behind the pink bear.

The special features for this Breaking Bad DVD set include commentary tracks for some episodes, a behind the scenes for each show, deleted scenes, a music video, a gag reel, webisodes, a photo gallery, and a sneak peek at season 3 which begins March 21st 2010

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