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Action - Surrogates

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Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike
Directed by Jonathan Mostow
Touchstone 2010
88 minutes

Surrogates is an excellent speculative fiction thriller. This Bruce Willis DVD is a clever blend of action movie, sci-fi, and thriller. It is not however as action driven as the trailer may lead to think. Surrogates is as entertaining as it is likely to make you think about what living is exactly. At 88 minutes, the movie tells its story without farting around, something you always appreciate.

Everything works in Surrogates. Willis gives a restrained performance that fits both his human and surrogate selves. The movie itself looks particularly polished, adding to the believability factor. The surrogates, always younger, better looking versions of the actors are well-made and filmed. The movie looks like a very advanced version of The Sims and that is what the story is about.

In Surrogates, people now experience life through a robot surrogate built to look exactly like they do. Originally created to give handicapped people a means to experience life, surrogates have now replaced humans in every facet of life while they are safely ensconced in their zero gravity chair controlling their computerized doppelganger.

One day, someone finds a way to kill the indestructible surrogates and also kill its operator. FBI agents Greer and Peters (Willis and Mitchell) have to find the weapon used to do this and the person doing it. The movie adds the why.

Although the investigation is what drives this SF thriller, there is much more to it than that. Fortunately, director Jonathan Mostow assumes the viewer is intelligent so doesn’t force feed you the questions you should be asking and the answers.

Surrogates is an above average thriller. If you are looking for an action only movie, pass. If you are looking for a smart movie with good action scenes, get this DVD.

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