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Mainstream - Bust A Move - Six Decades of Dance Crazes

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Bust a Move - Six Decades of Dance Crazes
J.K. Manero
Harper Collins 2010 128 pages

We are still baffled as to why we got Bust A Move – Six Decades of Dance Crazes for review. Unless of course author J.K. Manero saw our main reviewer aka yours truly on a dance floor a few years ago and gave himself or herself the mission to write a How To dance book my two left feet and uncoordinated body parts could figure out. Once Bust A Move was written, Manero probably sent this to me as an act of human charity.

This is a fun and, trust me, easy to understand book. Bust A Move covers the major dance crazes of the last fifty years with pictograms to show you how to do them. These include The Chicken Dance, The Hand Jive, The Bunny Hop, The Madison in the fifties; The Monkey, The Twist, The Mashed Potato, and The Pony for the sisties; the seventies section features The Hustle, the I’d never heard of them Bump and Bus Stop, and of course the Saturday Night Fever.

Each dance features a 1 to 3 dot level of difficulty indicator. The 80s were the period for The Time Warp (oh yeah!!!!), the Moonwalk, Break Dance (at your own risk, really), and the only dance move I and any other white guy knows, the Robot.

The 90s gave us the Happy Raver and the Running Man, the Hammer Dance, and, unfortunately the Macarena. The 00s and somebody danced the Hip Hop Stomp, the Cranking, and the Air Guitar.

Each period features an his and hers fashion guide and a list of the period’s greatest hits. I really do not remember dancing to Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. Nice Guy though.

As gag gift for a guy going to someone else’s wedding reception or for someone with two left feet and a girlfriend, Bust A Move is a neat idea.

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