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Documentary - Hyper Parents, Coddled Kids

Hyper Parents, Coddled Kids
Hyper Parents Coddled Kids
Directed by Sharon Bartlett and Maria LeRose
Documentary DVD
46 minutes

If you think of yourself as your child’s best friend, you are a hyper parent and your have a coddled kid. That is not a good thing. Hyper Parents, Coddled Kids is a fascinating documentary DVD that looks at the disturbing modern trend of helicopter aka hyper parents and coddled kids (aka brats, although the documentary doesn’t say that).

As one of the parents points out, parenting has become a cross between a competitive sport and product development.

Hyper parenting also means parents who want to implant a microchip in their child so they can track “it”, buy various spy gadgets to track their kids, and organize every aspect of their life including play time.

This creates dysfunctional kids who may have graduated the best pre-school but have serious anxiety problems when they get to university and have absolutely no social skills whatsoever.

It also creates kids who have no sense of self and of privacy and no coping tools of any kind.

One of the most ironic moments in this documentary DVD is the scene on the benefits of rough housing: where one of the kids is wearing a full boxing helmet “so he won’t get hurt.”

Hyper parents also buy gizmos to teach their kid in utero, enroll them in special day care birthday party, enroll them in everything, and tutor them in everything else. After all, the kid’s success is the parent’s.

The only people who gain from hyper parents and coddled kids are the companies that sell the fear of failure and the product to eradicate said failure.

Hyper Parents, Coddled Kids is a documentary DVD that should be included with every pregnancy test as a preventative measure. It also makes a great Mother’s Day and Father’s Day present.

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