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Documentary - Love, Hate, and Propaganda part 5 CBC April 1st 2010

Love, Hate, and Propaganda part 5 CBC April 1st 2010
Love, Hate & Propaganda Part 5: Hiding the Horrors
Thursday April 1st, 2010 9 P.M.

Hiding the Horrors is the fifth and penultimate episode in the CBC documentary series Love, Hate & Propaganda. This episode opens on D-Day and looks at the use of footage filmed by war cameramen like Jimmy Campbell to inform the people back home as to what is going on in the war. It airs Thursday April 1st 2010 at 9 p.m. and it too is something you should not miss.

Hiding the Horrors is an apt title for this episode. First, it refers to what people in Canada were not shown about D-Day and after: destruction and military and civilian deaths. What NFB director John Greerson allowed people to see focused on the rebuilding of what was destroyed and the liberations of towns and people.

It also refers to the city of Terezinstadt, Prague, the model Jewish camp the Nazis used to convince the Red Cross all was well. Not that the Red Cross tried real hard to see otherwise.

The first half of this fifth episode of Love, Hate & Propaganda is pretty much déjà viewed for anyone who knows a bit about WW II.

The second half, focusing on the War in the Pacific and the propaganda used by the Americans and Japanese should provide something new to the viewer. It features film of young Japanese children playing war and photographs taken by a police officer during and after the fire bombing of Tokyo in March, 1945.

Unfortunately, this fifth episode ends by saying it would be years before the policeman’s pictures would become public but says little as to why.

Part 6 of Love, Hate & Propaganda, Changing the Story, will air April 8th at 9 p.m.

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