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Documentary - Imax Under The Sea Blu-ray

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Imax Under the Sea
Narrated by Jim Carrey
Directed by Howard Hall
Documentary Blu-ray - DVD combo
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
41 minutes

The idea of Jim Carrey narrating a nature documentary Blu-ray may seem a bit odd because it is a bit odd. It is Carrey’s whimsical narration that makes Imax Under the Sea entertaining and more than just another fish story. The 41-minute underwater spectacle presented in this Blu-ray and DVD combo pack is of course great eye candy but it is not something a nature documentary fan has not already seen a few times.  Under the Sea was originally presented in 3D in Imax theatres.

The narration may be somewhat less serious that it normally is but it is just as informative as you would expect from a serious documentary. Carrey’s softer voice also makes for a more relaxing experience.

The music used in Imax Under the Sea is also a bit unusual. For example, Hindi music is used in a passage about sea snakes and a love song is heard over the mating ritual of some fish where “The female is bigger than the male but he won’t tell her that.” The segment on convict fish is something I had not seen before nor did I know that some scientists believe the parents “eat a few of their young every night”.

The undersea footage for this documentary Blu-ray DVD combo was taken in Papua New Guinea, South Australia, the Great Barrier Reef, and Indonesia. More footage of the Australian sea lion would have been nice as there are only thirty or so seconds here. The requisite great white shark footage is here but nothing you have not already seen on Swiss Family Robinson.

Special features for Imax Under the Sea narrated by Jim Carrey include additional footage and a feature on filming the documentary. These are not included on the DVD version in this Blu-ray DVD combo pack.

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