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Mainstream - Fantastic Mr. Fox Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack

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Fantastic Mr. Fox
Voices by George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Michael Gambon
Directed by Wes Anderson
Based on a Roal Dahl bok
Fox Home Entertainment 2010
87 minutes

Fantastic Mr. Fox does not crossover as kid friendly animation. In terms of animation, this Blu-ray DVD combo deserves all the kudos the movie has received but the story is a little too flat and adult oriented for anybody less than high school age. Stop-motion animation is a matter of taste but when it is well done, as is the case here, it makes for a very interesting movie.

Fox is a very clever chicken burglar. One night, he gets caught while trying to steal chickens with his wife. Flash forward 12 years and Fox is now a happily married newspaper columnist with a teenage boy. Problem is Fox is not feeling like himself so he decides to steal from the 3 biggest farmers in the region. This has repercussions on all of Fox’s forest friends. Fantastic Mr. Fox must decide between the good of the many or the good of the one but things change immediately after that.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is about a few things like being true to yourself but it is mainly about the stop-motion animation. Director Wes Anderson goes all out exploring the various ways you can tell a story using stop motion and comes up with a few new ones. This makes for a Blu-ray that is pure eye candy.

The voiced work is also quite good. My Favorite is Michael Gambon as one of the farmers.

Special features on the Fantastic Mr. Fox Blu-ray are a multi faceted Making of, A Beginner’s Guide to Whack Bat, and The World of Roal Dahl. It also features BD Live which allows you to find info about stuff if your player is online. Special features on the DVD are From script to screen, Still life Puppet Animation, and the Whack Bat feature.

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