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Documentary - Unlikely Treasures: Compulsive Collectors - CBC News March 31st 2010 10 P.M

Unlikely Treasures: Compulsive Collectors - CBC News March 31st 2010 10 P.M
Unlikely Treasures: Compulsive Collectors
Documentary film by Tally Abecassis
CBC News
Wednesday March 31st 2010 10 P.M.

According to an expert in this CBC documentary airing March 31st 2010 at 10 P.M. on CBC News there are three types of collectors: those who collect valuables such as gold and precious stones, those who collect collectables like baseball cards, and those who collect whatever. Unlikely Treasures: Compulsive Collectors looks at these odd collectors (word play is intentional).

You are not going to learn much in this documentary. It is more a parade of slightly odd folk who collect odd stuff like staplers, pencils, period clothing and clocks, and, in one case, junk in general. There is little reason given for why these people collect these objects but then again there is probably no other reason than they find that object interesting.

Collectors run the gamut from a museum curator to a guy who turned the family antique store into a junk store where stuff may or may not be for sale. Personality wise they are basically, as one collector puts it, intense people almost fitting the stereotype of the geeky guy never having any social interaction.

This CBC documentary also briefly looks at the EBay phenomenon and collectors who are considered purists because they do not relay on the internet to supply their needs. It also very briefly mentions how some collections turn into obsessions and collectors into hoarders.

What is the difference between a collector and a hoarder? Taste and classification.

Unlikely Treasures closes with a store once owned by a hoarder and now made into a art gallery where the art uses whatever is in the store.

This documentary is fun enough and airs Wednesday March 31st 2010 at 10 P.M. on the CBC News Network.

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