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Documentary - Food Inc. - CBC News Network April 11, 2010 10 P.M.

Food Inc.
Documentary film directed by Robert Kenner
The Passionate Eye
CBC News Network April 11th 10 P.M.
2 hours

You should not have to “lift the veil” as to where our food comes from but this documentary film proves lifting the veil was absolutely necessary. Food Inc. shows how 4 or 5 multinationals control what is on your table, decide how it is produced and what it contains, and who can afford it. Food Inc airs Sunday April 11th at 10 p.m. on CBC News. It is also available as a documentary DVD

The next time you hear someone wax poetically about the “family farm” ask yourself for which of the multinationals he is shilling.

We now longer raise chickens, we grow them to be uniform in size and with such large breasts the animals cannot walk more than two steps before collapsing. The animals are pumped with so many antibiotics the human producers who raise them have become immune to all antibiotics.

Food Inc. also shows how animals may be pumped with antibiotics but the way they are grown, fed and killed automatically leads to the food being tainted. Also just as scary is the taxpayer is paying farmers or the farms owned by big multinationals to overproduce corn so the same companies can they buy it below cost. Corn is used in everything from Duracell batteries to diapers to food.

There are more E. coli infections than ever before and E. Coli in products that had never been infected before while FDA inspection is down from 50,000 in 1972 to 9,264 in 2006 while the food industry has grown ten fold. The latest solution to infected meat? Wash it in ammonia before it reaches your table.

Food Inc shows how food has become so mechanized even the workers are now just machine parts.

The greatest irony is these same food manufacturers are now buying out organic product companies to get that share of the market too.

Of course, Monsanto shows up with its patented seed and its habit of suing every farmer found with the patented seed even if it is natural for seed to migrate.

Food manufacturers have even been able to pass laws preventing people from criticizing the product or taking pictures of their factory farms.

People can fight back by buying food they trust.

Food Inc. airs Sunday April 11th 2010 at 10 P.M. on the CBC News Network

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