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Mainstream - Georgia O'Keefe

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Georgia O?Keefe, Jeremy Irons
Diurected by Bob Balaban
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
89 minutes

Georgia O’Keefe is a superb biopic DVD starring Joan Allen as the American painter and Jeremy Irons as her mentor, lover, and husband Joseph Stieglitz. The performances are superb and the story is very interesting and told in a non-didactic way that still manages to inform those not familiar with Georgia O’Keefe or American art. This biopic was originally broadcast on Lifetime.

Too few biographical movies about artists actually look like they know something about art but that is not the case here. Georgia O’Keefe may not always be visually interesting but there are many shots that are. Stieglitz are presented as real people neither idealized nor stereotypically eccentric.

The structure to this biographical movie DVD is also interesting. Shots of an older O’Keefe at work frame segments of her life beginning with her moving into Stieglitz’ studio and ending in 1946 when Stieglitz died.

Echoes of other contemporary artists are present in Georgia O’Keefe. One scene in particular, right before a big fight between O’Keefe and Stieglitz, looks exactly like an Edward Hopper painting.

If you are at all interested in American art, this Georgia O’Keefe DVD is a must.

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