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Documentary - Mine

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Directed by Geralyn Pezanoski
Documentary DVD
Film Movement 2010
81 minutes

Mine is a documentary DVD animal lovers will absolutely want to see yet find so heartbreaking it is very hard to watch at times. It might even polarize some animal lovers. This Film Movement DVD follows the aftermath of Katrina in terms of animal search, rescue, and if possible reunification. If you do not own a pet, Mine is simply a well made and very interesting documentary.

Mine alternates between scenes right after Katrina, testimony from people who had no choice but to leave their pet behind, and scenes of pet rescue operations in the days and weeks after Katrina. The sequences and commentary do an excellent job of explaining the complexity and difficulty of the situations.

The problem with the Katrina rescue animals is there were so many in so little time animals ended up across the United States in various shelters, facilities, and homes. Add to this the fact many animals did not have any identification or  information and you can understand why matching owner and animal became so difficult. Also, the identification on animals who had collars was sometimes ignored by rescuers.

The documentary then focuses on various individuals trying to be reunited with their animal and people helping them. It also presents those new owners who do not want to give the pet they rescued and adopted back to the original owner.

Special features on the Mine DVD include PSAs and an update on one of the animals and owners. The short film included here is La vie d'un chien -  The Life of a Dog, a 1962 photostory by director John Harden. It is about a scientist who creates K9, a drug that turns you into a dog and back. This is no Disney farce. It is instead an SF morality play. It's okay.

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