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Mainstream - Prince of Thieves - Robin Hood Collection

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Prince of Thieves - Robin Hood
Jon Hall, Patricia Morrison, Adele Jergens, Alan Mowbray
Directed by Howard Bretherton
Cinecolor, Columbia 1947
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
72 minutes.

Prince of Thieves is one of 4 Robin Hood DVD released separately in the Robin Hood Collection. The others are The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946) with Cornell Wilde, Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) with Jon Derek, and Hammer Films' Sword of Sherwood Forest with Richard Greene(1960). Prince of Thieves stars Jon Hall as Robin of Locksley. Prince of Thieves is low-budget, B-movie fight scenes, balsa wood furniture, plaster castles, fullscreen fun.

Prince of Thieves Robin Hood rescues a lady and a gentleman from an attacker and discovers they are Lady Marian and Sir Allan Claire. Sir Allan was on his way to his betrothed, the Lady Christabel. It seems dark forces are at hand and Clare's life is in danger and Lady Christabel is now promised to one of Prince John's cronies. Robin Hood must stop the wedding, help in the rescue of the Lady, and do some swashbuckling in the process.

The film was shot in Cinecolor. This means a lot of the scenes in Prince of Thieves seem to take place at dusk so the screen is a bit dark and the colors a bit washed out. The print used for this Robin Hood DVD is quite pristine so dust and scratches are not a problem.

Jon Hall (Robin Hood) is not quite a suave action hero so he is amply helped by the incompetency of his adversaries when it comes to the fight scenes.

The writing and the story itself are ordinary but better than what you ordinarily get in a low budget production like this and include a few comic moments.

Prince of Thieves is good fun.

It would have been nice if the people designing the packaging had remembered that this DVD is addressed to an older audience. The information blurb on the back of this and the other DVD in this series is in some bizarre beige on darkish brown typeface and very hard to read.

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Collection

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