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Horror - Legion

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Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Adrienne Palicki
Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton, Tyrese Gibson
Directed by Scott Stewart
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
100 minutes

Legion is a bad sh!t happens to a bunch of folks at a gas station - diner in the middle of nowhere low budget thriller horror DVD.  The folks must learn to band together against whatever evil is trying to destroy them. This time, evil is angels and creatures sent by God to destroy mankind's last hope, an unborn child carried by an unwed mother who has a guy who is not the father in love with her. As these things go, Legion is a pretty decent apocalypse horror flick.

Paul Bettany plays Michael the turncoat angel who decided to save the unborn child and its mother (Adrienne Palicki). Dennis Quaid is the gas station owner, Lucas Black is the guy in love with the unwed mother, Charles S. Dutton is the cook, and Tyrese Gibson is the stranger who drives in before the feathers hit the fan.

Legion has a few moments where characters discuss the nature of faith and so on. This is to fill the gaps between the action scenes and fill the viewer in on who these people are. These scenes also serve to give this horror DVD a semblance of being more than just another creature feature.

In term of gore, violence, and monsters, Legion holds up its end of the bargain but spends more time talking than going for the scary stuff. The creatures are just actors with sharp teeth and a deathly pallor.

The big scene in Legion is the showdown between the two angels. This is where most of this thriller horror movie's money went and it was well spent.

Legion is not going to blow you away but it does entertain.

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