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Science Fiction - Survivors The Complete Seasons One and Two - BBC

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Survivors - Complete Seasons One and Two
5 DVD 12 episodes
Originally aired BBC 2008 and 2010
Warner BBC 2010

Survivors is in some ways The Stand goes to the UK without the clear good and evil delineation. Survivors Complete Seasons One and Two is a 5 DVD 12 episode set of the 2008 and 2010 BBC series. This is a decent speculative fiction show that would be much better if it picked up the pace and did not meander so much.

Survivors opens with people getting sick from the flu. Eventually 90% of the population is wiped out. Abby, a middle class woman and mother looking for her son, a rich twenty-something guy named Al, Doctor Anya Raczynski, a young boy named Najid, a man in his forties named Greg, and an escaped criminal, Tom, find themselves banding together by the end of the first episode.

Survivors Season 1 episode 2 reveals the existence of a laboratory somewhere that is connected to the flu epidemic and the existence of other small groups of people.

This is a complex, multifaceted story and you either buy into it or you don't. Survivors is more a social and philosophical drama that focuses on the speculative fiction of SF. The pacing is a bit on the slow side though season 1 episode 4 (DVD 2) picks it up a bit.

An example of Survivor's main weak point is episode 5. It opens with a woman being forced into a van by guys wearing gas masks so you know that lab is connected somehow. Aside from another lab scene, that storyline does not progress at all. The main plot line has the clan encountering a preacher type and does nothing to move the show forward.

Season 1 ends with Samantha Willis trying to form a new government and won't take no for an answer. There is a cliffhanger at the end with one character shot and one kidnapped.

Series 2 develops the lab story, nods to Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist in one episode, and reveals there are more survivor groups. The mysterious lab becomes much more important in terms of the main story. Abby's son is found for a while. Again there is a cliffhanger ending for the upcoming season 3 of Survivors.

Special features on this 5 DVD set include a Making Of, Character Profiles, Effects Reel and an Easter Egg I couldn't be bothered looking for.

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