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Mainstream - Sword of Sherwood Forest - Robin Hood Collection

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Sword of Sherwood Forest
Richard Greene, Peter Cushing, Sarah Branch
Directed by Terence Fischer
Widescreen 2:35:1
Hammer Films 1960
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
76 minutes

Sword of Sherwood Forest (Hammer Films 1960) is the fourth Robin Hood DVD recently reissued as part of the Robin Hood Collection. The other titles are Prince of Thieves with Jon Hall in the title role (1947), Rogues of Sherwood Forest with Jon Derek, and The Bandit of Sherwood Forest, a son of Robin Hood adventure. Having grown up on the TV version with Richard Greene, I was disappointed with Sword of Sherwood Forest.

Sword of Sherwood Forest assumes you know who is who in the Robin Hood mythology. The Sheriff's men shoot a man who finds refuge with the merry men. He is some kind of messenger and has to warn someone about some danger. The only clue is a badge with a falcon and a daisy.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is up to no good and wants to repossess land owned by a knight who died in the Crusades. The Archbishop of Canterbury opposes the Sheriff and so is threatened. Robin Hood is in on the whole thing of course with Maid Marian for eye candy.

This Robin Hood DVD lacks an interesting story and sorely lacks swashbuckling. Green is getting a bit long in the tooth as the hero and it shows. The nefarious plot is particularly uninvolving.

The print used for Sword of Sherwood Forest is quite pristine. The Technicolor tends to lighten or darken a bit when there is a scene change.

Look for Oliver Reed (Bill Sikes in Oliver!) as Milton. Oddly enough Lord Newark, one of the baddies, looks a lot like John Boy in The Waltons.

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