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Mainstream - The Karate Kid Blu-ray

The Karate Kid - Blu-ray
The Karate Kid I & II Collector's Edition
Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki Pat Morita, Elizabeth Shue
Directed by John G. Avildsen
Originally released 1984
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

The Karate Kid is one of those movies everybody who was alive back in 1984 saw more than once. This timeless story about a kid growing up and discovering who he is is something every generation should see. The Karate Kid Blu-ray is available individually or with The Karate Kid II in a Blu-ray Collector's Edition. The second movie being pretty decent, I'd go for the two pack. More than 25 years later and this movie still works, still has something to say, and still has the occasional sense of humor. The movie looks somewhat better on Blu-ray but not noticeably so.

Ralph Macchio plays Daniel, a young teen who moves to California with his single mom. He falls in love with a cute girl, Elizabeth Shue, whose ex-boyfriend is an a-hole and king sh...t at the local dojo. The boyfriend and his cronies start picking on Daniel. Noriyuki Pat Morita was nominated for an Oscar as Mr. Miyagi, the manager of the building Daniel and his mom live in. Miyagi takes Daniel under his wing and teaches him karate, what a man is, and the joys of yard work -not necessarily in that order.

A showdown between Daniel and the ex-boyfriend is set up half way through the movie. The showdown is the under 18 state karate championship. This being an American movie, you know how it is going to end but getting there keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Special features on The Karate Kid Blu-ray include Blu-pop which is a pop-up feature with various info about the movie and so on. Also included are a commentary track with the writer, the director, Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, a multi-part Making Of, East Meets West a Composer's Notebook, and an interesting Life of Bonsai featurette.

It is of course but a coincidence that The Karate Kid Blu-ray is released in time for the remake with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's talentless son.

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