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Action - Elektra Blu-ray - Jennifer Garner

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Elektra Blu-ray
Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Kirsten Prout
Directed by Rob Bowman
Originally released Fox 2005
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Elektra Blu-ray opens and closes with  Jennifer Garner in a high definition skin tight red outfit and kicking butt in between. That's all you need to know, really. Elektra (Jennifer Garner) was the best element in Ben Affleck's dreadful Daredevil so the character is literally brought back to life in a decent enough action movie. The Elektra Blu-ray features the 99 minute director's cut, only 3 minutes longer than the original release.

Elektra is an orphan who had a traumatic childhood, big budget movie training in martial arts, and was revived mysteriously. She is an assassin for hire, or as she puts it layoffs and payroll reduction.

The main baddie here is an organization known as The Hand. The Hand is looking for a long lost treasure with mystical powers that will shift the balance of good and evil in its favor.

Elektra balks at killing a father and his teenage daughter and ends up their protector. Her foe is a guy called Kirigi and his four mystical aka CGI powered assistants, the most interesting of which wears tattoos that come alive.

This action movie doesn't play fair with the viewer. In one scene the movie kills off the character only to excuse it as her ability to see what may happen in the near future. A confrontation is headed off much too easily and conveniently. Other almost deaths and resurrections become a bit much.

In the end, Garner and her character are more interesting than the movie itself and they too are unfocused.

Special features on Elektra Blu-ray are director's commentary, alternate or extended scenes, a couple of features on Elektra in mythology and in comic books, and two 60-minute plus documentaries Relentless The Making of Elektra Production and Post Production. This stuff is for hard core fans only.

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