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Documentary - The Nature of Existence

Available at Amazon Sept 2010
The Nature of Existence
A film by Roger Nygard
Opens June 18 2010 NYC
Opens July 2nd 2010 L.A.
93 minutes

The Nature of Existence opens June 18th 2010 in New York City and July 2nd 2010 in Los Angeles. Buy two tickets; you'll want to see The Nature of Existence again. The documentary is a humorous but not mocking, earnest but not gullible attempt to answer unanswerable questions like Why am I here? Is There A God?, the nature of sin, truth, prayer, religion, what about sex, what is morality, what is the soul? Director Roger Nygard (Trekkies) entertains and makes you think at the same time.

Nygard's set-up to The Nature of Existence was to email different people in very different fields who may have an answer and then follow up.

There are as many answers to these questions as there are respondents. Some are quite interesting or sincere while others are just nuts or out for a buck. What I most appreciated is Nygard does not michaelmoore his footage to skew viewer response.

Respondents include scientists, author Orson Scott Card, waitresses at Café Gratitude, the spiritual leader of the Paiute tribe, a fire and brimstone campus preacher, preachers whose wrestling bouts turn into a Passion Play, a very smart seventh grader, a representative or two of the major religions and minor schools of thought, a channeler of an Alien called Bashar, and self-professed gurus

There are many fascinating moments in this documentary about the nature of existence. I especially liked the answer David M. Wuff, Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College in Norton MA to the question What is religion? To know the answer, you'll have to watch the movie or the Nature of Existence DVD coming out in November.

My favorite moment on The Nature of Existence is the reverend wearing a patch with the word HOMO crossed out who answers "God is love." Just when I was ready not to give up on mankind.

The Nature of Existence ends with short advice from the most interesting people Nygard met.

This is an absolutely superb documentary. It seems the answer to life, the universe, and everything is not 42.

Richard Lanoie

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