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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 73 - The Monster of Peladon

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Doctor Who 73 - The Monster of Peladon
John Pertwee, Elizabeth Sladen
6 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally broadcast 1974
BBC - Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Two seasons and 50 years after The Curse of Peladon, Doctor Who returns to the planet in story 73 The Monster of Peladon. This allows the series to do another low budget episode that takes place in a styrofoam cave with lots of secret passages hidden by carpets. This is a Doctor Who DVD with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. Doctor Who 73 is a 2 DVD set with 6 episodes on 1 disc and special features on the other.

Doctor Who 61 - The Curse of Peladon - Jon Pertwee

In The Curse of Peladon the high priest was plotting against the king's desire to join a federation of planets. Fifty years later Peladon is a member of the federation and is ruled by the king's daughter. The federation is at war with Galaxy 5 and Peladon's Styrofoam mines contain a mineral that powers federation weapons. The miners, who suffer from bad working conditions are afraid of working after a strange light believed to be their god Aggedor kills a few of them. Aggedor bears a striking resemblance to ALF

The Doctor eventually figures out who is behind the plot to scare the miners and all is well that ends well. The problem is it takes the Doctor a long time to figure things out and meanwhile we are treated to many chase scenes in ill lit caves.

The most annoying character in The Curse of Peladon is Alpha Centauri, a papier mache cucumber like one-eyed creature with a squeaky voice. It is unfortunately still on the planet in this Doctor Who episode.

The episodes feature audio commentary by minor part actors, show producer Barry Letts, and the script editor. Episode 4 includes a fan commentary track.

Special features are on a separate DVD for this Doctor Who release. They include a 22-minute Making Of and On Target - Terrence Dicks; Celebration of his many Doctor Who novelizations.

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