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Action - Bad Boys Blu-ray

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Bad Boys Blu-ray
Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Tea Leoni
Directed by Michael Bay
Originally released 1995
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
119 minutes

Sh!t blow up real good on the Bad Boys Blu-ray version. This is a great cop buddy action comedy starring Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, and Tea Leoni. Bad Boys has a solid plot, great writing, great acting, and a whole lot of chase scenes, shootings, and loads of stuff getting blown up. Bad Boys looks superb on Blu-ray so if you are already a fan of this movie it is worth the investment.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith play two cops who have been partners for so long they are like an old married couple: they fight a lot but also have a symbiotic relationship. When a whole bunch of heroin gets stolen from the Miami P.D. Mike Lowery (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) are told to find it. It gets personal when one of Lowery's sources gets killed.

Smith and Lawrence also have to protect Julie who knows what the bad guys look like. Problem is Julie thinks Lowery is Burnet and Burnet is Lowery so the two cops have to exchange lifestyles.

The cops are after the bad guys and the bad guys are after the cops. Marg Helgenberger sometimes shows up for a useless scene as the IAD chief.

Bad Boys is far above the norm for action movies. It is funny enough and interesting enough to be more than just a flick with stuff blowing up even if the stuff blowing up looks absolutely great on Blu-ray. Lawrence and Smith have great screen chemistry and Leoni is also solid as the damsel in distress.

Bad Boys Blu-ray special features include Movie IQ, Commentary with Director Michael Bay, Documentary "Putting the Boom & Bang in the Bad Boys", andThree Music Videos 69 Boyz "Five O, Five O (Here They Come)" Diana King "Shy Guy"  Warren G "So Many Ways"

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