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Mainstream - Dragon's Den Greenvention CBC June 7th 2010 8 P.M.

Dragon's Den Greenvention CBC June 7th 2010 8 P.M.
Dragon's Den Greenvention
June 7, 2010 8 P.M.

Dragon's Den Greenvention episode should be recycled and aired again. On this special episode airing June 7th at 8 on the CBC three green entrepreneurs pitch their green invention to the five dragons. At stake are $100,000 provided by Sun Chips (a bag of which one of the Dragons makes a point of opening and distributing at the end of the show). I am a sometimes Dragon's Den watcher but watched this episode with a real fan of the show. We both agreed Dragons' Den Greenvention is a gas.

Peter Roosen's Veggie Plastic is plastic made from vegetable oil, recycled drywall, and other stuff. Roosen looks like a TV Doctor Science and his pitch is more technical than the two others.

Andrea Gregg's idea is Nursery Natural Baby Wipes, a green version of the throwaway wipes. Not only are the wipes recyclable but they can be washed up to three times before being tossed.

Leigh Meadow's Smart Hanger is a recyclable hanger made of cardboard. She has many styles and all are perfect advertising tools for a company or store. Meadow had the smart idea to put an ad for this CBC show and Sun Chips on the hangers she demonstrated.

The three entrepreneurs pitch their invention to the Dragons. After that viewers are treated to a couple of past green invention presentations. One for an ball that eliminates grubs and another for something that recycles lobster and shellfish shells.

Roosen, Gregg, and Meadow then come back to face questions in the Dragon's Den. You have to admit the Dragons know which questions to ask.

The winner? My friend and I picked a different one and we were both wrong so there you go.

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