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Mainstream - Drop Dead Diva The Complete First Season

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Drop Dead Diva The Complete First Season
Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst, April Bowlby
12 shows 3 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

After watching the Season 1 Drop Dead Diva DVD set my friend affirmed, "Guess I am getting a new channel." She wants to make sure to catch the next season. Drop Dead Diva is definitely chick TV but the male characters are intelligent enough not to insult male viewers. Personally, any show that makes Margaret Cho bearable is worth watching just for the novelty.

Drop Dead Diva stars Brooke Elliott as thirty-something very intelligent Rubenesque lawyer Jane Binghum. Through a series of quickly set up circumstances that become the opening narrative of the show a sexy model named Deb dies and oops and ends up in Jane's body. Of course, the model is not used to being a lawyer, Rubenesque, and so on and so on so part of the show has to do with her adapting to this.

Add to the fun the model's almost fiancé works for the same firm as Jane. The only person who knows Jane is Deb is her best friend and fellow model Stacey.

The show focuses not only on Deb becoming Jane but on Jane's various legal cases at the firm she works for.

There is something rather Ally McBeal about Drop Dead Diva though the lawyers here are not as dysfunctional and Diva is not as bizarrely quirky, so far, as Ally McBeal.

You do need some willing suspension of legal disbelief sometimes. Many of the Drop Dead Diva season 1 cases are eerily close to the conflict Deb-Jane is experiencing at the same time.

Drop Dead Diva The Complete First Season features appearances by a face lifted face lifted face lifted Botoxed Liza Minelli, Kathy Najimy, Paula Abdul, and Nia Vardalos. Again, a show where Nia Vardalos actually looks like she can act is worth watching.

Subtitles are available and handy sometimes as the actors do mumble sometimes.

Special features on the Season One Drop Dead Diva DVD set include Deleted Scenes, Dreamisodes, Rosie's Rap, Dropping In on Drop Dead Diva, and 7 featurettes with Margaret Cho.
Ally McBeal - The Complete First Season

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