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Documentary - The Eastwood Factor - 35 Years 35 Films at Warner Brothers

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The Eastwood Factor
35 Films 35 Years at Warner Bros.
Directed by Richard Schickel
Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
88 minutes

The Eastwood Factor is a film biography of the 35 movies Clint Eastwood starred in and directed at Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers has now released all 35 movies on DVD and Blu-ray so if you were planning on visiting or revisiting Eastwood's oeuvre you might want to keep The Eastwood Factor for last as it reveals the ending of many films.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, The Eastwood Factor is an intelligent and interesting look at a multi-talented American artist and his work. Director Richard Schickel has full access to both the actor director and his movies.

One of this biographical DVD's strengths is it does not glorify or overemphasize Eastwood's contributions to American film. Movies like Mystic River, Invictus, Blood Work, The Bridges of Madison County, and so on and so on undoubtedly prove Eastwood is a great artist on their own merits. Schickel lets the movies speak for themselves.

Eastwood comments on a few of his films in The Eastwood Factor but reveals little more than what is on screen. One comment that comes up quite often though is "I make movies I would want to see". If only the rest of Hollywood approached movies the same way.

If the title The Eastwood Factor sounds familiar it is because clips from this Eastwood film biography were included as special feature on some Blu-ray releases.

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