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Action - Where Eagles Dare Blu-ray - Warner Action Double Feature

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Where Eagles Dare Blu-ray
Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure
Directed by Brian G Hutton
Originally released 1968
Warner Home Video 2010
158 minutes

Where Eagles Dare Blu-ray comes bundled with another Clint Eastwood war movie, Kelly's Heroes, in this Warner Action Double Feature. Not having seen Where Eagles Dare on DVD and in a long while, I have no idea as to how good the Blu-ray transfer is but it does look good. This is a war movie starring Richard Burton. The story is on the seriously convoluted side and a bit long, it was after all written by Alistair MacLean, but it is fun enough. Special features are limited to the trailer and On Location, Where Eagles Dare, a 13 minute making of.

In Where Eagles Dare Richard Burton plays Major Smith who is called upon to lead a squad of special commandoes to a remote Austrian fortress where a captured American general is held prisoner. Eastwood plays the American sergeant who serves as sidekick. They dress up as German soldiers and are parachuted in. Smith soon learns there is a traitor in his midst as members of the expedition are killed.

After a whole bunch of running around and stuff Eastwood and Burton make their way to the castle by riding on top of the cable-car. This, by the way is probably the same cable-car seen in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Once in the castle Burton finds the general, confronts the traitors on his team with a very complicated story, and then the fireworks really begin.

The last half hour of Where Eagles Dare is all action with lots of killings, explosions, chases, and so on. This makes up for this war movie Blu-ray rather slow start.

On its own, I am not sure Where Eagles Dare is worth it but as it comes bundled with Kelly's Heroes and the price is reasonable, what the hell.

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