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1,000 Times Good Night - Juliette Binoche [Foreign Film]: War photographer must choose between family and careeer.

100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens [Documentary]: Best Christmas present ever for Canadiens fan

100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens DVD set [Documentary]: Brilliant history of the greatest hockey team on earth. Leafs suck.

102 Minutes That Changed The World - CBC Newsworld 09-13-09 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Montage of amateur 911 footage tells the story without commentary.

11 22 63 [Mainstream]: What if Kennedy had not been killed? That is the premise of this Speculative Fiction novel.

12 Angry Men [Mainstream]: Twelve ordinary men must decide the fate of another in this classic courtroom drama DVD

12 Men of Christmas [Mainstream]: Decent enough chick comedy if there s not much else to do

12 Rounds [Action]: An action movie about revenge, challenges, and action.

12 SF and Fantasy Novels that should be on your bookshelf. [Science Fiction]: A brief overview of 12 science fiction and fantasy novels that you should get around to reading.

127 Hours [Mainstream]: Man goes hiking gets trapped in canyon with boulder on his arm. Something has to give and it is not going to be the boulder.

20 Million Miles To Earth - 50th Anniversary Edition DVD [Science Fiction]: Really good monster movie DVD done right by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

2011 Sony Pictures DVD Giveaway in our EASY contest [Mainstream]:

2012 [Mainstream]: Earth gets destroyed real, real good in great disaster flick

2012 Zombie Apocalypse [Action]:

2:37 [Mainstream]: 2:37 is a fascinating Australian high school drama.

3 Godfathers [Westerns]: Three outlaws on the run discover a dying woman and her baby. They swear to bring the infant to safety across the desert, even at the risk of their own lives.

30 Days of Nights [Horror]: Vampires take over Alaska town when sun goes down for 30 days. Good stuff

300 Blu-ray - The Complete Experience [Action]: Modern version of Hercules and Sinbad movies rocks on Blu-ray

300 Blu-ray The Complete Experience [Action]: Great action movie that really tests the limits of Blu-ray

3:10 to Yuma [Westerns]: Great cowboy psychological thriller western DVD

42 - The Jackie Robinson Story Blu-ray - DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Very good if a bit too Hollywood in some scenes.

5 Free Books to Mark Asian Heritage Month, Courtesy Hachette Book Group [Mainstream]:

500 Days of Summer [Mainstream]: Original romantic movie.

500 Days of Summer [Mainstream]: An original, realistic, charming romantic movie. Must see.

9-11 Conspiracy Files: The Third Tower - CBC Newsworld Sept 7th and 11th 1009 10 P.M. [Documentary]: As conspiracy theory documentary films go, this one is excellent.

A Christmas Carol [Mainstream]: A faithful cinematic adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol (1938) - TCM Greatest Classic Films [Mainstream]: This Christmas Carol takes a few liberties with the original but is not bad.

A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim [Mainstream]: Everything A Christmas Carol fan could possibly want in a DVD set

A Dark Noel - Projekt Records Compilation [Mainstream]: Dark wave Christmas CD.

A Dog Year [Mainstream]: Well, a few months of it.

A Fistful Of Dollars [Westerns]: Back in the old days when writers and directors mixed genres they didn't actually mix the genres - they just stole the story and adapted it.

A Fistful Of Dollars - Blu-ray [Westerns]: First Man With No Name western looks great on Blu-ray

A History Of Violence Blu-ray [Action]: Very good Cronenberg thriller on Blu-ray

A Midsummer Night s Dream - Royal Shakespeare Company [Mainstream]: Good quality DVD version.

A Miser Brothers' Christmas [Mainstream]: Brothers must unite to save Christmas is pretty decent stop-motion animation DVD

A Muppet Christmas Carol Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Very faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens classic with Michael Caine as Scrooge.

A Muppet Christmas Letters To Santa - The Comedy Network Dec 18th 5 p.m. [Mainstream]: Great fun but lousy songs.

A Murder of Crows - CBC TV October 11th 2009 9:00 [Documentary]: Excellent documentary on nature's smartest bird

A Perfect Day - Christmas Movie [Mainstream]: Writer gets visits from ghosts of Christmas style character and learns a life lesson.

A Perfect World Blu-ray [Action]: Very good Clint Eastwood - Kevin Costner collaboration about con on the lam with Casper the Friendly Ghose

A River Runs Through It - Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Drama about two brothers growing up in early 1900s.

A Summer Place [Mainstream]: the charm of the illicit romance of both couples conquering all depends on understanding the values of the time.

Accidentally Preserved Vol. 2 [Mainstream]: Great collection of 9 silent films and shorts with original music by Ben Model

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr. [Mainstream]: Family DVD that doesn't bore or insult adult intelligence.

ADD & Loving It - Global TV Sept 18th 2009 8 P.M. [Documentary]: Excellent and really fun to watch documentary on ADD / ADHD

Addicted to Plastic - CBC Newsworld 01/05/09 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Absolutely great documentary on how plastic does not go anywhere, ever.

Aeon Flux [Science Fiction]: Aeon Flux is a mysterious assassin working for the Monicans, a group of rebels trying to overthrow the government. When she is a sent on a mission to kill the Chairman, a whole new mystery is found.

Africa on the Move - CBC June 3rd and 10th - CBC News Network June 6th and 13th [Documentary]: 4 documentary series focusing on Africans trying to change Africa in various ways.

Africa on the Move The Modern Warrior - CBC TV June 10th and CBC News Network June 13th [Documentary]: 3rd of 4 documentary films in uneven but good series.

After Circus - Documentary Channel June 12th 9 pm [Documentary]: After Circus looks at what happens to circus people when and after they retire. An excellent documentary.

Against The Wall - Bravo! - Wednesdays at 9 p.m. [Mainstream]: Single and thirtysomething woman makes Internal Affairs detective and her three cop brothers and cop father do not like the idea

Alcatraz - Pilot - CITY TV Jan 16th 8 p.m. [Action]: Alcaztraz convicts disappear in 1963 and reappear 49 years later but why

Alice Faye Collection Volume 2 - Hollywood Cavalcade [Mainstream]: Great drama about the early days of Hollywood with cameos by silent film stars

Alien Nation [Science Fiction]: Alien Nation is an after the fact kind of science fiction DVD movie.

Alien Nation The Complete Series [Science Fiction]: Great science fiction cop TV show that was a spin-off of Alien Nation the movie with James Caan and Mandy Patinkin.

Alien Raiders [Science Fiction]: A blending of horror and SF that is well written, well acted and definitely worth your time.

Alien Raiders - The Raw Feed [Science Fiction]: This horror science-fiction thriller DVD rocks!

Alien vs Predator - Requiem Unrated [Science Fiction]: Big green monster goes after other big green monster going after another big green monster in a jade colored environment.

Aliens - The Definitive Guide - Discovery Canada June 2nd 8:00 [Documentary]: Fun enough but not particularly interesting

Aliens in the Attic [Mainstream]: Excellent family movie DVD

All the President s Men Blu-ray [Mainstream]: The story behind the Watergate journalists is a bit long.

All The President s Men Blu-ray Digibook [Mainstream]: Excellent procedural but lots of minutiae

All-Star Superman Blu-ray DVD Combo [Action]: Fun animated Superman where he is dying (again) and reveals the truth to Lois Lane

Ally Mc Beal The Complete Series and Season One [Mainstream]: 32 DVD for 5 seasons, also available as Season One only.

Ally McBeal - The Complete First Season [Mainstream]: Very odd and fun chick TV from late nineties

Alphas Season 2 begins July 23rd 10 PM [Science Fiction]:

Amadeus Director's Cut Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Great musical biography movie.

Amelia [Mainstream]: a Spruce Goose: too heavy to fly.

America's Most Haunted Inns [Horror]: America's Most Haunted Inns DVD features a boos boo of inns in Pennsylvania

America's Most Haunted Town [Horror]: New Hope, Pennsylvania is America's Most Haunted Town and this horror documentary is very good at touring it.

American Pastime [Mainstream]: Human drama about Japanese internment camps, baseball, jazz, and a haircut.

American Savannah - CBC The Nature of Things 06/13/2009 [Documentary]: Interesting Nature of Things documentary on lawns

Amour - Academy Award and Palme d Or winner [Foreign Film]: The story of an elderly couple where one falls seriously ill and the other must and chooses to care for the other no matter what.

An Affair to Remember Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Classic romantic drama with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

An Education [Mainstream]: Sixteen year old sixties London girl is seduced by older man. Good drama and chick flick DVD

An Inconvenient Truth [Documentary]: CO2 is changing the world and not in a good way.

Angel And The Bad Man [Westerns]: A shot bank robber appeals to a family for help and starts to reconsider his life after seeing how they live.

Angel of Death [Action]: Action DVD adaptation of graphic novel is pretty cool.

Anna Karenina - TCM Greatest Classic Movies [Mainstream]: Tolstoy classic with Greta Garbo

Annie Leibovitz - Life Through A Lens [Documentary]: Interesting, honest, though somewhat superficial documentary about Rolling Stone photographer.

Another Earth Blu-ray DVD Combo [Science Fiction]: Odd, moody speculative fiction about woman, her actions, and consequences.

Appleseed ExMachina [Science Fiction]: Manga becomes anime

Arachnoquake - The Space Channel June 23rd 9 PM [Science Fiction]: A must for creature feature fans.

Arachnoquake! Space June 23rd 9PM [Action]: Earthquake in Louisiana wakes up big ass spiders in low budget made for TV movie

Arena [Action]: Guy gets captured and forced to fight in internet gladiator style show.

Argentina - The Secret In Their Eyes Blu-ray [Foreign Film]: Absolutely superb mystery 2010 Academy Award winner.

Armored [Action]: The perfect armored car heist ... goes wrong in excellent flick.

Arrow - The Complete First Season Blu-ray DVD Ultraviolet [Action]: best adaptation of a comic book hero for the small screen which has ever taken place

Arthur - Russell Brand - Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Decent but not great remake of Dudley Moore classic

As Goes Janesville [Documentary]: As seen on PBS Independent Lens and 88-minute version

Assassination Games - Jean-Claude Van Damme [Action]: gripping, violent and emotional

Assault of the Sasquatch [Horror]: Could have been good low budget monster movie.

Astro Boy 2003 DVD 1 [Mainstream]: 2003 version of this Japanese manga on 5 DVD

Astro Boy Volume 1 to 5 (2003 version) [Science Fiction]: Fun enough manga DVD set though a bit too violent for its intended kid audience.

Atlantis - Premieres Oct. 12th 8:00 Space [Action]: Thge adventures of Jason, Hercules, and Pythagoras. Lots of fun.

August Rush [Mainstream]: supposed to be about the magic of music but there are so many obvious mirrors and the smoke is so think that magic and the good performances all around get sucked into a black hole of disbelief.

Australia - Brand New Day Blu-ray [Foreign Film]: Fun musical comedy

Australia - DVD & Blu-ray [Mainstream]: British rose Nicole Kidman falls for cowboy Hugh Jackman in this Australian epic and mish-mash of other genres

Australia - Noise [Foreign Film]: Very strange movie about a policeman and a murder.

Austria - The Counterfeiters / Die Falscher [Foreign Film]: Jewish Counterfeiters stay alive during the Holocaust.

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