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Avatar [Action]: Visually stunning movie where foreign boy meets local girl and they play cowboys and indians.

AVPR - Fans Will Love What They've Done [Science Fiction]: A hybrid Alien/Predator is unleashed on Earth after causing the crash of a Predator spacecraft. A Predator is dispatched to Earth to take care of the situation leading to a dark hunt in a small Colorado town.

Babylon A.D. [Science Fiction]: If Toorop can smuggle a young woman into N.Y.C. he will make a great deal of money the only question is: Can he get the job done when competing interests seem intent on preventing her from arriving?

Babylon A.D. - Vin Diesel [Action]: Vin Diesel must protect an innocent young girl from some baddies. Good kick ass action DVD

Bad Boys Blu-ray [Action]: Will Smith Martin Lawrence cop buddy action comedy looks great on Blu-ray

Baghead - Independent Film / Mumblecore [Mainstream]: Independent film where the idea for the movie, a killer with a Baghead, becomes the movie. Or something like that.

Band of Brothers Blu-ray [Action]: Blu-ray was invented for Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers HBO - Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Great and brilliant WW II HBO miniseries even better on Blu-ray

Barbra Streisand - All Night Long [Mainstream]: Very very minor Streisand DVD and comedy.

Barbra Streisand - Up The Sandbox [Mainstream]: Sort of feminist rant bargain bin Streisand DVD

Baseball - NPR Driveway Moments [Mainstream]: Interesting collection of good if too short baseball stories.

Batman Begins Blu-ray Steelbook [Action]: A new take on the Batman story. Decent enough

Batman The Dark Knight - Blu-ray TrueHD [Action]: The dark knight meets the Joker again in a great action Blu-ray disc

Batman Under the Red Hood Blu-ray [Action]: Very good animated Batman with great special features.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth, 15th Anniversary Edition [Comic Books]: The story of Amadeus Arkham and how he is involved in the legend of Batman.

Battle For A Continent - CBC Doc Zone 09-10-09 [Documentary]: Decent documentary.

Battle of the Bulge - TCM Classic Movies DVD Set [Action]: Good if a bit bombastic World War II movie in very good 4 movie 2 DVD set

Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray [Action]: Lots of action and stuff blowing up when aliens try to invade L.A.

BBC - Hammerhead [Documentary]: Decent but not BBC at its best.

BBC - Mistresses Volume One [Mainstream]: Excellent chick TV for those who enjoyed Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives but better.

BBC Documentary - Wild Pacific [Documentary]: Decent enough 6 episode documentary DVD set.

BBC Earth: Great White Shark: A Living Legend [Documentary]: Yet another gorgeous BBC documentary featuring man swimming with great white sharks.

BBC Planet Earth - Volume 2 [Documentary]: Visually wonderful 3 documentary DVD on Deserts, Caves, and Icy Worlds but little new in terms of information.

BBC Planet Earth Volume 1 [Documentary]: Stunning footage, great narration, great series.

Be Heard Screaming on Space Channel in October [Science Fiction]: October 2011 article

Beautiful Day - Elin Hilderbrand [Mainstream]: an interesting, deeply insightful, often moving and sometimes funny nove

Before Watchmen - Rorschach [Comic Books]:

Behind Enemy Lines - Colombia [Action]: Action heavy action movie with lots of explosions and so on. A testosterone feast.

Being Erica - CBC Mondays 9 P.M. Starts 01/05/09 [Mainstream]: Cool dramady for chicks.

Being Ian - The Curse [Mainstream]: Halloween timed Being Ian DVD has 3 episodes, 1 is a bit much for an eight year old, the other are fine.

Belgium - Eldorado [Foreign Film]: Odd small time but interesting story in this foreign film from Belgium

Belgium - Illegal [Foreign Film]: Woman in detention center tries to outlast system to get back to her son.

Benny & Joon Blu-ray - Johny Depp [Mainstream]: Odd romantic comedy with a bit of drama.

Berenstain Bears - Kindness, Caring & Sharing [Mainstream]: 5 Berenstain Bears cartoons, a good family DVD

Bewitched The Complete Series - less than 16 cents per episode [Mainstream]: This show is still very entertaining for the whole family.

Big Fan - Patton Oswalt [Mainstream]: Superb movie about sports fandom.

Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th 9 PM [Action]:

Bitch Slap Unrated [Action]: Absolutely great and fun to watch action flick B-movie style

Black Irish [Mainstream]: A coming of age story about a boy slated to become a priest who really just wants to play baseball.

Black Swan [Mainstream]: Neurotic ballet movie where Portman got Academy Award

Black Watch Snipers - History Channel Nov 11th 9:00 [Documentary]: I enjoy a good documentary. I really love documentaries about WWII. Black Watch Snipers left me ecstatic. Filmmaker Robin Bicknell blends the on-camera testimony of four 90-something Black Watch veterans with filmed recreations of the events.

Black Water [Horror]: Three people stuck in a tree while crocky waits for lunch. Great movie.

Black Widow and Punisher - Avengers Confidential [Action]: Fun if you enjoy this franchise.

Blade [Horror]: A part vampire part human called Blade hunts vampires.

Blade Runner 25th Anniversary Contest ends 12-14-07 [Science Fiction]:

Blood And Chocolate [Horror]: Youth horror novel made into a graphic novel style gothic movie

Blood Simple Blu-ray [Mainstream]: First Coen Brothers movie and superb thriller

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Autobiography [Mainstream]: Excellent autobiography

Bloodsport [Action]: Kung Fu expert Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a martial arts master who arrives in Hong Kong to compete in the Kumite, a violent championship fighting contest

Bloody Christmas [Horror]: For all we know, this director s pursuit of a film making career may be denying Wal-Mart their best greeter ever.

Bloody Mary [Horror]: This DVD is not a horror movie classic but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Blue Jean Confidential CBC Newsworld June 28 2008 8 P.M. [Documentary]: Everything you've ever wanted to know about blue jeans

Blue Thunder Blu-ray [Action]: LAPD chopper pilot uncovers conspiracy and gets into dogfights in cool action movie.

Boardwalk Empire Season One Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Prohibition era Atlantic City gangster drama.

Bobby Deerfield - Al Pacino [Mainstream]: Looks like a racing movie, plays like a romantic drama

Bobby Z [Action]: Good action movie DVD with a pretty original story.

Bomber Boys - Discovery World May 5th 8 p.m. [Documentary]:

Bond - Licence To Kill - Timothy Dalton [Action]: Very generic movie not worthy of the James Bond franchise

Bond - Quantum of Solace - Daniel Craig [Action]: Decent Bond DVD if you have seen the previous Bond.

Bones Season 4 Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Excellent and quirky forensic pathology mystery series

Bones The Complete Season 6 Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Excellent crime TV show.

Bonnie & Clyde [Action]: Very good 2-part A&E series

Boston Legal - Season Five [Mainstream]: Very good comic legal drama gets a 12 episode sendoff.

Botched [Horror]: Great horror flick with comedy

Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr. Pepper [Documentary]: Good if somewhat messy documentary about David vs. Goliath in the Dr. Pepper world.

Bottom of the Ninth [Documentary]: Very interesting and well-made baseball documentary.

Brahm Stoker's Dracula [Horror]: This version of Dracula is closely based on Bram Stoker's classic novel of the same name.

Brahm Stoker's Way Of The Vampire [Horror]: Way Of The Vampire bites because the sound sucks

Breaking Bad Season 3 [Mainstream]: Third season of excellent show about high school teacher meth cook

Breaking Bad Season 4 [Mainstream]: A truly engrossing season of a superb series.

Breaking Bad Season One [Mainstream]: Very good TV drama about science teacher becoming meth cook.

Breaking Bad The Complete Second Season [Mainstream]:

Broken English [Mainstream]: Parker Posey DVD

Brood - Chase NOvak [Mainstream]: Mutant kids try to live a normal life but their genes catch up in undeclared second novel of a trilogy.

Bugs Bunny s Howl-oween Special [Mainstream]: Clumsy clip collage.

Bull Durham Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Great baseball movie Blu-ray DVD combo pack.

Buried At Sea and Radiant City - The Passionate Eye April 5th and 6th 2008 [Documentary]: 2 CBC documentaries. 1 awful, 1 good (and unwittingly hilarious if you live in the burbs)

Buried At Sea - CBC The Passionate Eye June 22 2008 10:00 [Documentary]: Documentary about the chemicals and weapons dumped in the oceans after WW II. Should have included this bad NFB film

Bust A Move - Six Decades of Dance Crazes [Mainstream]: A how to dance book. Fun.

By the People - The Election of Barack Obama [Documentary]: OKay but does not quite capture the magic

Call Me Bwana - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mainstream]: Fun Bob Hope comedy

Canada - The Auction - Le Demantelement [Foreign Film]: A farmer chooses to sell off the family farm to help one of his daughters.

Canada - Whole New Thing [Foreign Film]: Coming of age story in parts about a young boy's crush on his male teacher. Not as controversial as you might think.

Canada - Wilby Wonderful [Foreign Film]: Somewhat black comedy from Canada

Canada s Worst Driver - Discovery Canada starts Oct 29th [Mainstream]: Title says it all. Fun show.

Captain America #1 [Comic Books]:

Captain Marvel 2 [Comic Books]: The second book in the new Captain Marvel series.

Captain Video Master Of The Stratosphere [Science Fiction]: Back in the good old days, movie theatres ran a few news clips, a couple of serials, and a cartoon or two before the main feature.

Care Bears - Grissle-ly Adventures [Mainstream]: 2 Care Bears adventures. Family not impressed

Cat People [Horror]: A haunted beauty lives with a curse that no one but her believes.

Cats & Dogs Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Cats try for world domination, dogs fight for right.

CBC -Shows for Preschoolers Fall 2008 [Mainstream]:

CBC Doc Zone - Malls R Us Aug 20th 2009 8 P.M. [Documentary]: An incomplete look at the mall past and present.

CBC Doc Zone - The Spies Who Came in from the Sea - Aug. 20th 2009 9 P.M. [Documentary]: An interesting documentary on German spies in Canada during WW II

Cell [Horror]: The Stand meets zombies with cell phones.

Cemetery Junction [Mainstream]: British coming of age movie. Nice if you like Brit films and that genre.

Chad - Grisgris [Foreign Film]: Those who like foreign films because you get a look at how other people live and behave will enjoy this drama

Challenge of the GoBots - The Original Mini-series [Mainstream]: First five and pilot episodes for cool 80s cartoon on 1 DVD

Cher - The Film Collection 6 movies 6 DVD [Mainstream]: Moonstruck, Tea With Mussolini, Mermaids, Silkwood, Good Times, and Chastity

Chernobyl Diaries [Horror]: Three couples decide to take an adventure tour of Chernobyl 25 years after the most frightening nuclear accident of all time.

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