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Cheyenne The Complete First Season [Westerns]: Classic western cowboy and indians television series.

Child's Play - Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition [Horror]: Classic horror DVD where Chucky the doll comes alive. Still excellent 20 years later.

Chillerama Blu-ray [Horror]: Very entertaining 4 horror B-movie spoofs with zombie sex at the end.

China - CJ7 [Foreign Film]: Very creepy kid's movie that parents will certainly object to.

China - On The Beat [Foreign Film]: Interesting cinema verite foreign film follows to Beijing beat cops.

China - The Drummer [Foreign Film]: Cocky young man must learn how not to drum to become a Zen drummer

Chindi [Science Fiction]: Jack McDevitt's hard SF novel Chindi both satisfies and examines this sense of wonder, which inspires not only SF readers and writers, but every explorer and scientist who seeks to understand the universe.

CHiPs The Complete Second Season [Mainstream]: Seventies TV DVD set makes for fun viewing.

Chisholm '72 - Unbought and Unbossed [Documentary]: Very good documentary DVD about the first woman and first Black candidate for the American presidency

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Suberb family DVD Blu-ray combo

Christmas Gifts for the Hard to Please Under 25 Dollars [Mainstream]: Our 2010 suggestions of Christmas gifts under 25 for the hard to shop for

Chronicle Blu-ray DVD [Action]: Way cool and very enjoyable teen action movie with an SF touch

Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian [Mainstream]: Second Chronicles of Narnia DVD

Chuck Season 4 Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Cool and original spy action comedy.

Chuck The Complete Second Season Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Fun enough comedy action spy show.

Citizen Kane 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Classic with documentary DVD included

City Of Ember [Science Fiction]: Teens Lina and Doon seek to save the population of the city of Ember by any means necessary.

Cliffhanger Blu-ray [Action]: Two he-man mountain rescuers must also rescue themselves after botched heist.

Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry Blu-ray [Action]: First and best in the Dirty Harry series with loads of special features

Clive Barker's The Plague [Horror]: Children of the Damned meets Dawn of the Dead in this excellent horror movie DVD

Clockstoppers [Science Fiction]: Zak becomes embroiled in a time stopping adventure as he tries to save his father from a megalomaniac researcher.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3D [Mainstream]: Great 3D cartoon with love story and raining cheeseburgers. Adults will enjoy it too.

Cloverfield [Horror]: Hand-held camera monster movie sand monster or is it?

Coach Carter [Mainstream]: A successful sport store owner is asked to coach a high school boys basketball team and insists that as student athletes the word student comes before athlete.

Cohen & Tate - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Action]: Two hit men must bring young boy to Houston Mob boss but boy plays them against each other.

Cold Comes the Night [Action]: Solid thriller starring Breaking Bad s Bryan Cranston

Colombia - The Colors of the Mountain - Los Colores de la Montana [Foreign Film]: Subtle movie metaphorically about political conflict but about boy and his soccer ball.

Colombia Los colores de la montana - The Colors of the Mountain [Foreign Film]: de Carlos Cesar Arbelaez nos muestra la vida diaria de los campesinos de las regiones monta?osas de Colombia a trav?s de los ojos de un ni?o de nueve a?os.

Colombiana [Action]: Very good, quick-paced action flick much better than trailer suggests

Comic Books Go To War - CBC January 27th 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Very good documentary that perhaps focuses on too many graphic novelists.

Conspiracy Files: Lockerbie - CBC Newsworld Sept 14th 2009 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Not much of a conspiracy theory really.

Constantine [Horror]: A lackluster celebration of CGI and special effects.

Contagion [Science Fiction]: A new and deadly virus travels back to America with an American Executive. Patient zero came in contact with a lot of people and now the problem is world wide.

Contagion [Mainstream]: Very good low-key movie where Virus starts spreading and researchers try to stop it.

Conviction Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Decent enough true story with Hillary Swank

Coogan's Bluff [Westerns]: Clint Eastwood is Deputy Sherriff Walt Coogan in Coogan's Bluff. Any serious Clint Eastwood fan will be happy with this movie but it will leave the rest of the public wondering why they rented it.

Cookers [Horror]: It starts with meth addicts and spirals from there.

Cops - Wildest Chases [Action]: Bad boys bad boys whacha gonna do? Fun 7 episode DVD

Coraline [Horror]: Coraline moves into a new house out in the middle of nowhere and soon discovers a secret door to a wonderful world that turns out to be everything she ever wished for.

Crank [Action]: You have been poisoned and if your heart rate drops below a certain level you will die. How do you keep it togther and find your killer?

Creation [Mainstream]: Fictional biopic about Charles Darwin

Crossfire Trail [Westerns]: Tom Selleck could have been a great western hero and proves it again in this movie.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Blu-ray [Action]: Classic chop sockie movie

Cruel World [Horror]: Reality TV meets the horror thriller. Pretty good B movie

Crystal Singer [Science Fiction]: Imagine training all your life for a single purpose and then discovering you cannot pursue that dream.

Curse of the Mummy s Tomb - Hammer Film Collection [Horror]:

Czech Republic - Protektor [Foreign Film]: WWII story about Jewish movie star and her radio voice husband.

Czechoslovakia - Who Wants to Kill Jessie? [Foreign Film]: Fun and weird Czech comedy

Dad Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake The Glimmerberry Ball Movie and Berrywood Here We Come [Mainstream]: Dad and daughter enjoyed both these DVD

Dallas - The New Series - Bravo! June 13th 9 PM [Mainstream]: The story continues and it is promising.

Dances With Wolves Blu-ray [Westerns]: Great modern western

Daredevil - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set [Action]: The lesser of the Marvel comic book silver screen adaptations

Daredevil 16 [Comic Books]: Many good jump in points exist to this Daredevil series but this may be the last one.

Dark Fury - The Chronicles Of Riddick (Animated) [Science Fiction]: A bridge of the gap between 'Pitch Black' and 'Chronicles of Riddick' to give more insight into Riddick as a character.

Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King [Action]: A great adaptation of The Ring of the Niebelungs.

Darwin's Nightmare [Documentary]: A frightening look at what happens to an economy when there is only one product to bring to market and that product is also destroying the lives of those around it.

Das Boot Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Excellent WW II movie from German point of view

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series - Season 1 [Mainstream]: Classic 90s teen TV show and a great DVD box set.

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series DVD Box Set [Mainstream]: I have to admit that, although I was expecting something more from the DVD box set, I am very happy to have it and I still love this series.

Days of Glory / Les Indigenes [Mainstream]: Fact based war movie about Moroccan soldiers fighting to liberate France.

DCI Banks - Aftermath - BBC [Mainstream]: Another excellent BBC mystery series begins

Dead End [Horror]: An Xmas trip to grandma's place goes horribly wrong when Dad decides to take a short cut.

Dead Like Me [Horror]: Dead Like Me was not a bad show at all. It just did not live up to its premise.

Deadpool 2 [Comic Books]: Brain Posehn and Gerry Duggan continue their madcap story of the insane, immortal and verbose mercenary hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop resurrected United States Presidents turned evil from reclaiming the land they once led by raising an undead army.

Deadwood - The Complete First Season [Westerns]: The town of Deadwood, South Dakota is the scene of the best western ever created for the small screen.

Dearly Devoted Dexter [Horror]: Deviant Dexter devoted to his sister stalks a slicer who could be his salvation. Oh what is a boy to do when the one person who can guarantee his freedom is the one person he has to stop from killing again?

Death Race [Action]: a retelling of Death Race 2000 starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen. http://www.deathracemovie.net/

Death Tunnel [Horror]: Bodacious babes and horror.

Debatable Space [Science Fiction]: When a group of pirates kidnap the Cheo's daughter they soon realize they have bitten off more than they could chew.

Deception [Mainstream]: Good thriller DVD if you are in the right mood. Hugh Jackman is great here.

Defiance [Mainstream]: Daniel Craig in the true story of the Bielski brothers and their WW II resistance.

Delta State [Science Fiction]: Cool looking animated science fiction series in a 2 DVD set

Deluged By Data CBC Doc Zone March 12 9 pm [Documentary]: A scary documentary on we are addicted to the data on the internet and how much we contribute to it.

Denmark - Flame and Citron [Foreign Film]: Unfortunately messy but well-acted story of two Danes in the resistance.

Dennis The Menace - Trouble, Trouble Everywhere [Mainstream]: 4 cartoons from the mid-eighties Saturday morning show

Derren Brown - The Specials DVD [Mainstream]: DVD with 4 1-hour Derren Brown specials. Cool stuff.

Dexter - The First Season (2006) [Horror]: A psychotic raised in a normal family with a code of conduct works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami P.D. while carrying on a series of murders.

Dexter in the Dark [Horror]: Dexter helps Deborah investigate a series of murder which are unique.

Diamonds - CBC Miniseries - Part 1 April 5th 2009 [Mainstream]: Decent CBC miniseries with compulsory Canadian content.

Diamonds part 2 - CBC 04/12/09 9 P.M. [Mainstream]: Part two of this CBC miniseries is better than part 1

Did You Hear About the Morgans? [Mainstream]: Very enjoyable romantic comedy.

Dinoshark - Space August 18th 6 p.m. [Action]: Big ass Jaws, small ass budget

District 9 [Science Fiction]: A flunky in the MTU is appointed to oversee the relocation of 1.8 million aliens living in a shanty near Johannesburg when he is exposed to a biological agent that helps him change his view of things.

District 9 DVD [Science Fiction]: Just watch it. Telling you anything takes away from this great sf DVD

Doc Savage Man of Bronze Warner Archives Collection [Action]: Camp adaptation of thirties pulp novel series by Kenneth Robeson

Doctor Sleep [Horror]: What happened to Danny Torrance of The Shining? You really want to know.

Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead - David Tennant [Science Fiction]: Made for TV movie after season 4 is quite fun.

Doctor Who - The Complete First Series - With Clips [Science Fiction]: Doctor Who THe Complete First Series made even this non fan of Doctor Who a fan.

Doctor Who - The Complete Series Five [Science Fiction]: New Doctor, new companion, new adventures. Who can ask for anything more?

Doctor Who - The Complete Third Season [Science Fiction]: Season Three of BBC Doctor Who series really kicks ass.

Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited 1 [Science Fiction]: 4 Shows starring the first 4 Doctors. Excellent deal.

Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited 1 - Tomb of the Cybermen [Science Fiction]: Excelle 4 DVD set with one story featuring the first 4 Doctors.

Doctor Who - The End of Time [Science Fiction]: The end is nigh for the Doctor but is it also for humans?

Doctor Who - The Next Doctor - Christmas 2008 [Science Fiction]: The Doctor meets the Doctor in the 2008 Christmas episode of Doctor Who

Doctor Who - The Snowmen [Science Fiction]: One of the best two Doctor Who Christmas specials reintroducing the most interesting companion: Clara Oswald

Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars [Science Fiction]: The Doctor lands on Mars on the last day of the first Mars base.

Doctor Who 104 - Tom Baker - Destiny Of The Daleks [Science Fiction]: 4 part show originally aired 1979. Good stuff, even for this very casual fan of the series

Doctor Who 108 - The Horns of Nimon [Science Fiction]: Fun episode with Tom Baker

Doctor Who 115 - Keeper of Trakken [Science Fiction]: Decent Doctor Who episode where the Doctor meets future companion Nyssa

Doctor Who 117 Castrovalva - Peter Davison [Science Fiction]: This one is for fans only and you have to watch 115 and 116 before

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