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Doctor Who 120 - Peter Davison - The Visitation (Special Edition) [Science Fiction]: One of the better stories in the original series. The Special Edition features more than 90 minutes of special features.

Doctor Who 121 - Black Orchid - Peter Davison [Science Fiction]: An Edwardian mystery of sorts masquerades as a much lesser Doctor Who episode

Doctor Who 122 - Peter Davison - Earthshock - The Doctors Revisited 2 [Science Fiction]: 4 DVD set with a story featuring Doctors 5 to 9

Doctor Who 130 - The Five Doctors [Science Fiction]: Malevolent force brings the five doctors together for great 20th anniversary special

Doctor Who 136 The Caves of Androzani - Peter Davison [Science Fiction]: Pretty good episode with lots of caves and plot twists

Doctor Who 138 - Colin Baker – Vengeance on Varos – The Doctors Revisited 2 [Science Fiction]: The DVD set is a great deal, this story is so-so.

Doctor Who 15 and 16 - Space Museum and The Chase [Science Fiction]: Decent William Hartnell era stories. The Chase includes Daleks

Doctor Who 155 -Sylvester McCoy - Vengeance on Varos - The Doctors Revisited 2 [Science Fiction]: A very good story with the seventh Doctor and Ace

Doctor Who 39 - The Ice Warriors - Patrick Troughton [Science Fiction]: Good story with episodes 2 and 3 animated to recreate the lost segments.

Doctor Who 51 - Jon Pertwee - Spearhead From Space [Science Fiction]: 3rd DVD in The Doctors Revisited Volume 1

Doctor Who 51 - Spearhead From Space Blu-ray [Science Fiction]: An excellent remastering to Blu-ray of a great classic Doctor Who

Doctor Who 52 - Jon Pertwee - The Silurians [Science Fiction]: Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who in program 52 (1970) battles underground reptiles.

Doctor Who 54 - Inferno Special Edition - Jon Pertwee [Science Fiction]: BBC Home Entertainment means it when they say Special Edition for this very good 7-part story

Doctor Who 56 - The Mind of Evil - Jon Pertwee [Science Fiction]: The Master is at it again under the guise of rehabilitating criminals with a special machine.

Doctor Who 61 - The Curse of Peladon - Jon Pertwee [Science Fiction]: Good but low budget Doctor Who full of political intrigue.

Doctor Who 64 - The Time Monster - Jon Pertwee [Science Fiction]: One of the better Doctor Who in 6 episodes

Doctor Who 73 - The Monster of Peladon [Science Fiction]: Doctor Who returns to Peladon for more chase scenes in styrofoam cave and lesser 6-part story.

Doctor Who 76 - Tom Baker - The Ark In Space [Science Fiction]: The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry to an ark holding the last humans but also a nasty bug.

Doctor Who 80 - Tom Baker - Terror of the Zygons [Science Fiction]: Another aliens stranded on earth want to invade. Features Sarah Jane and Lethbridge-Stewart

Doctor Who 82 - The Pyramids of Mars - The Doctors Revisited 1 [Science Fiction]: Excellent story.

Doctor Who 86 The Masque of Mandragora - Tom Baker [Science Fiction]: Good episode set in Renaissance.

Doctor Who 96 - Underworld - Tom Baker [Science Fiction]: Decent enough episode with weak blue screen sfx

Doctor Who Season 7 Begins Sept. 1st 9 p.m. the Space Channel [Science Fiction]:

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 DVD [Science Fiction]: 7 Episodes 2 DVD with a complete story arc.

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 Blu-ray [Science Fiction]: The episodes featuring Clara, the Impossible Girl. Excellent.

Doctor Who Series Six Part One [Science Fiction]: Way cool series of shows.

Doctor Who The Complete Fourth Series [Science Fiction]: Most excellent Doctor Who DVD set. Season 4 rocks.

Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series Blu-ray [Science Fiction]: Excellent series and the Doctor is really dead this time.

Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time - Space Nov. 22 9:00 [Science Fiction]: The biopic of the origins of Doctor Who

Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? Steven Tyler [Mainstream]: Stream of consciousness bio by Liv Tyler s grandfather and Aerosmith frontman

Dog Dazed - CBC Doc Zone March 21st 9 p.m. [Documentary]: Good documentary on the importance of dogs in our daily life

Dog Sledding in Riviere Rouge, Quebec [Mainstream]: Dog Sledding in Riviere Rouge is way way cool.

Dollhouse The Complete Season 2 Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Only the series creator knows what is going on in this show

Dolls [Horror]: A good little movie worth your time.

Donnie Darko [Science Fiction]: Donnie Darko is a teen boy being visited by a time bending demonic rabbit. Well maybe.

Donnie Darko Blu-ray [Horror]: Very strange and complex movie but pretty fascinating too.

Doomed To Die [Mainstream]: Last James Lee Wong mystery staring Boris Karloff

Downtown Express - Opens at The Quad in NYC April 20th [Mainstream]: Great music, so-so story development.

Dr. Dolittle - Million Dollar Mutts [Mainstream]: Maya Dolittle is back in a second family DVD for tween girls.

Dr. Renault's Secret - Fox Horror Classics Vol. 2 [Horror]: Good 40s horror movie with a mad scientist and his creature

Dragon's Den Greenvention CBC June 7th 2010 8 P.M. [Mainstream]: Great episode.

Dragonflight [Science Fiction]: When thread threaten Dragonriders take to the sky.

Drama and Horror on FX Canada - Premieres Oct. 31st [Mainstream]: A piece on the new network.

Dreams of Obama - CBC Newsworld 04/07/09 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Documentary on President Obama made just in time for inauguration.

Drop Dead Diva The Complete First Season [Mainstream]: Fashion model reincarnates as size 16 intelligent lawyer in good dramady

Drumline [Mainstream]: Kid must learn to respect the team concept to shine

Earth - The Biography [Documentary]:

Earth vs. The Flying Saucers - Ray Harryhausen [Science Fiction]: Classic Ray Harryhausen sfx movie

Easy Rider Blu-ray 40th Anniversary [Mainstream]: Classic 1969 film has not aged that well.

Edward G. Robinson - TCM Greatest Gangster Films Collection [Mainstream]: 4 Edward G. Robinson movies including Larceny Inc. and The Little Giant

Eerie - Dark Horse Comics [Comic Books]: After having republished the original Eerie archives Dark Horse Comics reboots the science fiction series with a new generation of authors and artists.

Elektra - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set [Action]: Spin-off from Daredevil and just slightly better Marvel comics adaptation

Elektra Blu-ray - Jennifer Garner [Action]: Jennifer Garner, sometimes in a skin tight red outfit, battles martial art evil.

Elvis Found Alive [Documentary]: It is fun but IT IS NOT TRUE

England - Another Year Blu-ray and DVD Set [Foreign Film]: One of those quiet dramas the British do so well.

England - The Damned United [Foreign Film]: Very good Football movie about coach with big ego.

Equilibrium [Science Fiction]: In a Fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system.

Every Day Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Good drama but could have been a superior one.

Every Little Step - The Journey of A Chorus Line [Documentary]: Behind the scenes documentary DVD for the revival of A Chorus Line

Exorcist II The Heretic [Horror]: Which is more evil, Pazuzu or this bad horror movie?

Exploding Sun - Space - June 10th and 17th 9 p.m. [Action]: Enjoyably bad two part made for TV movie.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Boy who lost father in 9/11 tries to solve mystery he left behind for him.

F Troop The Complete First Season [Westerns]: classic soldiers and Indians sitcom from the sixties

F*ck Feelings - Michael Bennett MD [Mainstream]: F*ck Feelings is different from the feel good pablum, follow-my-cult, or “this will work if you put in the effort and follow everything to the letter” books you find for a quarter at garage sales a month after Oprah mentionned them.

Falling Down - Deluxe Edition - Michael Douglas [Mainstream]: White collar regular Joe blows his fuse aka the American Dream wakes up

Falling Skies - The Complete Second Season [Science Fiction]: Very good post Earth invasion action SF show.

Fame - Seasons 1 and 2 [Mainstream]: Good song and dance show in its first two seasons.

Fame Blu-ray (2009 version) [Mainstream]: Innocuous remake with good musical numbers.

Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Spoof of The Empire Strikes Back is fun enough.

Famous Nathan [Documentary]: The story of Famous Nathan s creator as told by his grandson.

Fantastic 4 - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set [Action]: Solid Marvel comics big screen adaptation

Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer - Fox Marvel Heroes Box Set [Action]: Second movie in this Marvel comics franchise, good stuff

Fantastic Four - Volume 3 [Action]: 4 episodes of the 2007 version of this Marvel Comic cartoon

Fantastic Four 1 [Comic Books]: Matt Fraction is filling some pretty big shoes. Not only is he following Jonathan Hickman’s mind blowing run on Fantastic Four, but simply the fact that he is writing the book means he must bring is A game.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack [Mainstream]: Superb stop-motion animation but not for the kiddies

Fargo / Thelma & Louise - MGM Award Series Double Feature [Mainstream]: 2 Best Original Screenplay Oscar winners in 2 DVD set

Fargo Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Best known Coen Brothers black comedy decent enough on Blu-ray

Fast And Furious [Action]: Toretto and O'Conner team up again to pursue their own brands of justice seeking out the killer of one of Toretto's former race team members.

Fear Nothing [Horror]: Unexpected endings can take you by surprise.

Fiddler on the Roof Blu-ray and DVD 40th Anniversary [Mainstream]: Excellent musical looks much better on Blu-ray

Film Movement Canada [Foreign Film]: Article about Film Movement in Canada

Film Movement Festival Shorts Collection [Mainstream]: For fans of the short film, this is a must. There are 5 excellent shorts on this 8 film DVD

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Limited Edition Collector's Set [Science Fiction]: A reluctant Cloud is pulled into battle against his younger brothers to save the children with geostigma and prevent the genes of Jenova from infecting the lifestream.

Firmoo Eyeglasses Online [Gadgets]:

First Blood [Action]: John Rambo is a disoriented Vietnam Vet. He is hitchhiking from town to town to see friends from the war. A sheriff tries to make him leave town and when he refuses, arrests him for vagrancy.

Five / 5ive [Science Fiction]: First American post nuclear holocaust movie now on DVD

Flywheel [Mainstream]: Pretty good indie movie. Faith based and really preachy near the end buy enjoyable nonetheless.

Food Inc. - CBC News Network April 11, 2010 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Excellent documentary on the origin of the food on your plate and who controls it.

For A Few Dollars More [Westerns]: If the words 'spaghetti western' are not in your vocabulary then they need to be added. The Italian director Sergio Leone changed the way that westerns were shot and the language of westerns. For A Few Dollars More Leone teams up again with the great Clint Eastwood and the often underrated Lee Van Cleef to cobble together a rich story of insanity, lust, greed and revenge.

For A Few Dollars More Blu-ray [Westerns]: second in the Man With No Name Sergio Leone trilogy. Not a remastering but looks great on Blu-ray

Forbidden Planet - Special 50th Anniversary Edition [Science Fiction]: Classic science-fiction movie now in great restored DVD version

Forever Darling - TCM Lucille Ball Collection [Mainstream]: Decent Lucille Ball comedy one of four in Turner Classic Movies set

Fort Apache [Westerns]: A classic cavalry movie starring Henry Fonda

Four Weddings and a Funeral Blu-ray [Mainstream]: One of the most loved romantic comedies of the nineties

Fox / MGM Awards Series Double Features [Mainstream]: 2 DVD sets of Academy Award winners from Fox or MGM. Some odd Pairings and great pairings

Fox Horror Classics Vol. 2 - Chandu The Magician [Horror]: Bela Lugosi's best horror performance after Dracula.

Fox Horror Classics Volume 2 - Dragonwyck [Horror]: Good character based horror movie DVD.

Fragments [Mainstream]: Drama DVD about the survivors of a massacre at a local diner. Excellent

France - Free Men - Les Hommes Libres [Foreign Film]: Muslim copmmunity saves Jews in WWII Paris in rather flat movie.

France - Her Name Is Sabine / Son nom est Sabine - Documentary [Foreign Film]: Soul wrenching documentary about a woman's transformation due to mental illness.

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