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Mill Creek Entertainment Comedy 20 Movie Collection - The Brothers Solomon [Mainstream]: so eagerly and originally over the top in its comedy.

Milll Creek Entertainment - Comedy 20 Movie Collection - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story [Mainstream]: a smart, over the top mocking of both musical biopics and movies about the music biz.

Mimobot Star Wars USB Keys - The Ideal Geek Gift [Science Fiction]: A great gift for your geek.

Mine [Documentary]: What happened to the pets after Katrina? This very good documentary tells the story.

Mirrormask [Science Fiction]: MirrorMask centers on Helena, a 15 year old girl in a family of circus entertainers, who often wishes she could run off and join real life. After a fight with her parents about her future plans, her mother falls quite ill and Helena is convinced that it is all her fault.

Mirrors - Kiefer Sutherland [Horror]: Good horror movie DVD from director of The Hills Have Eyes

Mirrors Blu-ray [Horror]: Security guard Kiefer Sutherland works in creepy burned-out dept. store. Good horror movie.

Mirrors Blu-ray [Horror]: Solid old fashionned horror movie.

Misery Blu-ray and DVD [Horror]: Very good big screen adaptation of Stephen King novel.

Miss March - Unrated [Mainstream]: Decent enough movie for teen and frat boys with lots of toilet humor

Moebius [Foreign Film]: Weirdest movie ever. Mother cuts off son s penis after husband has an affair and that is the normal bit.

Moguls & Movie Stars - A History of Hollywood 1 [Documentary]: Excellent 7 episode 3 DVD documentary on Hollywood

Moguls & Movie Stars -part 2 [Documentary]: review of episodes 5 to 7 of this 3 DVD set

Mom Reviewed - Adventure Time Season 1 [Mainstream]: My kids really like this series because they appreciate the twisted sense of humour that comes through in every episode.

Mom Reviewed - Adventure Time Season 2 [Mainstream]: I would say that if your kids liked the first season of Adventure Time, they will also enjoy this season, and it may even get you hooked too.

Mom Reviewed - Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked [Mainstream]: Mom does not think this one works for the younger kids.

Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Care-A-Lot DVD Collection [Mainstream]: 22 Care Bears on 2 DVD

Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Sharing in the Sunshine [Mainstream]: 4 episodes of the cartoon. "Again, Mommy!"

Mom Reviewed - Care Bears Ups and Downs [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids liked this one.

Mom Reviewed - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids were not impressed.

Mom Reviewed - Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Mainstream]: This is a fantastic movie - with one caveat: the last 4 swords are found at the same time.

Mom Reviewed - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs [Mainstream]: Great family DVD; the kids watched it 5 times in 4 days

Mom Reviewed - Delgo [Mainstream]: "Family" movie if you exclude the younguns

Mom Reviewed - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules [Mainstream]: All of my kids (both boys and girls) really loved this family DVD

Mom Reviewed - Garfield Pet Force [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids liked this cartoon DVD

Mom Reviewed - Goosebumps DVD - Go Eat Worms [Mainstream]: Mom says great but not for kids under 10

Mom Reviewed - Goosebumps The Blob That Ate Everyone [Mainstream]: 3 different scare levels 3 episodes 2 scared kids

Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two [Mainstream]: Mom sort of enjoyed this family DVD but the kids liked it more.

Mom Reviewed - Horton Hears A Who 2008 [Mainstream]: Great Dr. Seuss adaptation. The kids watched this family DVD 3 times in 3 days

Mom Reviewed - Horton Hears A Who Deluxe Edition [Mainstream]: Title episode plus Horton Hatches An Egg, Butter Battle Book, and Daisy-Head Mayzie. Great family viewing

Mom Reviewed - It s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [Mainstream]: Classic Peanuts cartoon also includes It s Magic Charlie Brown

Mom Reviewed - Josie and the Pussycats The Complete Series [Mainstream]: All 16 Josie and the Pussycats cartoons on 2 DVDs. Good stuff.

Mom Reviewed - Lego Star Wars The Padawan Menace Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: All four of my kids (ages from young to teenager) found something interesting and entertaining in this show.

Mom Reviewed - Madeline Next Stop America [Mainstream]: Madeline goes to Hollywood, New York City, and a rodeo in this kids DVD.

Mom Reviewed - Mr. Bump Planes, Trains and Dillymobiles [Mainstream]: 6 11-minute episodes and the kids enjoyed them.

Mom Reviewed - Mr. Troop Mom DVD [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids really liked this family movie DVD

Mom Reviewed - Nim's Island [Mainstream]: Mom loved this great family movie DVD

Mom Reviewed - Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief [Action]: Mom and her kids loooooved this DVD but parental guidance is needed

Mom Reviewed - Ramona and Beezus [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids really love this family movie

Mom Reviewed - Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Mom and her 4 kids liked this family friendly movie

Mom Reviewed - Scooby Doo Where Are You? Bump in the Night [Mainstream]: 4 cartoons from the original Scooby Doo series. Mom and the kids liked it.

Mom Reviewed - Shaggy and Scooby Doo Get A Clue Vol. 2 [Mainstream]: Mom and kids were not really impressed.

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake - The Sky's the Limit [Mainstream]: Strawberry Shortcake and friends go on a journey to save village

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Berry Big Journeys [Mainstream]: 2 Strawberry Shortcake cartoons on a family DVD Mom approved.

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Happily Ever After [Mainstream]: Mom and family very much enjoyed this Strawberry Shortcake DVD

Mom Reviewed - Strawberry Shortcake Rockaberry Roll [Mainstream]: Mom and kids like this episode about getting together to form a band.

Mom Reviewed - Stuart Little - A Little Family Fun [Mainstream]: The kids really enjoyed this Stuart Little DVD

Mom Reviewed - Stuart Little - Going for the Gold [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids really liked this DVD

Mom Reviewed - The Regular Show Seasons 1 and 2 [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids are not impressed but liked season 2 better.

Mom Reviewed - The Swan Princess The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure [Mainstream]: Mom and kids liked well enough but not enough.

Mom Reviewed - The Swan Princess The Secret of the Castle [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids liked this family DVD okay

Mom Reviewed - Tooth Fairy [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids really liked this family DVD

Mom Reviewed - We Bought A Zoo [Mainstream]: Mom highly recommends this family movie but for the older kids.

Mom Reviewed - Yo Gabba Gabba CD [Mainstream]: Mom and the four kids loved this kids music CD

Mom Reviewed Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD [Mainstream]: Very entertaining family movie for the older kids

Mom Reviewed Phineas and Ferb The Perry Files [Mainstream]: My kids love Phineas and Ferb - and they love this collection too. Both my husband and I really enjoy it as well.

Mom Reviews - Dr. Seuss The Lorax Blu-ray DVD [Mainstream]: 1972 made for TV cartoon really got to mom and her kids.

Moneyball [Mainstream]: Billy Beane throws all in with Sabermetrics to help the Oakland Athletics towards an historic 2002 baseball season.

Monster House [Horror]: Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster

Monsters Inside Me - Discovery Science starts Oct 12th 8 p.m. [Mainstream]: Really interesting medical mystery TV show

Moon - Sam Rockwell [Science Fiction]: Sam is all alone on a moon base but .... Excellent science fiction DVD

Moondance Alexander [Mainstream]: A special summer is ahead for a girl named Moondance as she starts riding a pinto she finds.

Mordecai Richler: The Last of the Wild Jews - Bravo! Dec. 19th and 25th [Documentary]: Interesting but not interesting enough

Most Astonishing Moments - CBC Newsworld Wild Docs! 01/07/09 10 P.M. [Documentary]: The weirdest, wildest National Geographic footage compilation.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium [Mainstream]: Magic movie about a very different toy store.

Mr. Popper s Penguins [Mainstream]: Fun family friendly DVD but bit of a messy story.

Mrs. Miracle [Mainstream]: Light romantic Christmas DVD

MTV - Movie Night Inside the Summer Blockbuster [Mainstream]: Half hour episode on the story of the blockbuster. Entertaining

Muppets From Space Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Decent Muppet movie though parents may want to screen the lab scenes first.

Murdoch Mysteries Marathon - FX Canada Dec. 24th 10 p.m. [Mainstream]: Good Canadian mysteries on 13 episode marathon

Murneau, Borzage and Fox - Murneau, Borzage and Fox Collection [Documentary]: Excellent feature length documentary on Wiliam Fox and two of Fox Studio's greatest directors.

MVP - on CBC [Mainstream]: CBC prime time soap opera set in the hockey world.

My Cat From Hell Season 2 - Animal Planet Tuesdays 7:00 [Mainstream]: Cat whisperer helps freaked out owners. Not for dog lovers.

My Dear Tom Mix / Mi Querido Tom Mix DVD [Westerns]: a lamentably superficial work which, not even by accident can uncover the multiple possibilities of the story.

MyPakage [Gadgets]: You will want to have this underwear.

Mystic Pizza Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Good chick flick but not worth going Blu-ray

Mystic River Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Excellent adaptation of a Dennis Lehane mystery looks great on Blu-ray

National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World [Documentary]: Alec Baldwin narrates this National Geographic special explaining how temperature increases changes the way in which the weather of the world is changing.

Netherlands - The Deflowering of Eva Van End [Foreign Film]: Banal to say the least.

Netherlands - Winter In Wartime Blu-ray DVD [Foreign Film]: Young boy gets involved in Dutch Resistance and must decide who to trust.

Never Let Me Go [Science Fiction]: Very good idea, soulless excution of distopian fiction.

Neverland - Space Dec. 18th and 19th 8 p.m. [Science Fiction]: A superb two-part miniseries giving the backstory to Peter Pan

NHL Top 10 Rivalries [Mainstream]: Very good stocking stuffer for hockey fans.

Nickleodeon [Mainstream]: Peter Bogdanovich's ode to the silent era is a decent comedy.

Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Fun sequel to original.

NIght of the Creeps Blu-ray [Horror]: A buffet of movie genres but this horror DVD still works.

Night of the Living Dead Reanimated [Horror]: Animated version of Night of the Living Dead using original soundtrack. Great if you are a fanatic.

Night Skies [Science Fiction]: Based loosely around the Phoenix Lights incident of 1997 the justification for this movie is as inexplicable as the lights themselves.

Nightmare On Elm Street [Horror]: Some horror movies change the genre forever.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes From the Stories of Stephen King [Horror]: Eight Twilight Zone style adaptations of Stephen King short stories

Nikita The Complete First Season Blu-ray [Action]: Very good new TV series take on Nikita character.

Nim's Island [Mainstream]: A nine year old girl is trapped on a deserted island and calls in her hero Alex Rover to help.

No Country For Old Men [Mainstream]: Guy finds satchel of money and then tries to get away from guy who wants it back.

Norway Max Manus Man of War [Foreign Film]: Ordinary movie about Norway biggest World War II hero

Norway - Buddy [Foreign Film]: Pretty decent sort of slacker movie from Norway

Norway - O'Horten [Foreign Film]: Odd movie about a few days in a train engineer's life after his retirement

Norway - Troubled Water - DeUsynlige [Foreign Film]: Killer released from prison has to face victim's mother.

Notorious - The Notorious B.I.G Story [Mainstream]: Decent music biopic probably better if you know the playas

NPR Holiday Favorites [Audio Books]: 2 CD collection of holiday moments on National Public Radio

NYC: Tornado Terror - Space Nov. 21st 9:00 [Action]: Good made for TV disaster movie.

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