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Obsessed [Mainstream]: Temp Lisa turns into temptress Lisa as she tries to lure Derek from his wife Sharon.

On Strike For Christmas [Mainstream]: Banal made for TV movie

Once Upon A time In America [Action]: Sergio Leone tells the American gangster story.

One Flew Over the Cuckoon s Nest Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Winner of many Academy Awards but not quite as relevant as it was.

One Missed Call [Horror]: This really good horror DVD encourages you to ban cell phones.

Opinion: Aquaman and why pop culture is wrong about him. [Comic Books]: A brief overview of Aquaman as he was perceived and how the character exists in current comic culture

Orlando - Special Edition [Mainstream]: Pretty adaptation of Virginia Woolf novel

Orphan Black - Premieres March 30th 9 p.m. on Space [Science Fiction]: Canadian produced thriller with an SF twist where one character has many twins.

Othello The Tragedy of the Moor - CBC TV June 15th 2008 [Mainstream]: Iago plots vengeance on Othello.

Otis [Horror]: Guy kidnaps girl, girl's family eventually gets revenge. Dark horror comedy doesn't work.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight [Documentary]: NFB documentary about patient judged not criminally responsible making a recovery and the hospital he is at.

Panic Button - Space starting April 30th 10 p.m. [Horror]: Horrible Fear Factor knockoff

Panic In The Year Zero [Science Fiction]: A very intelligent, well-written, and well-made movie about the end of the world following a nuclear holocaust.

Paradise Sky [Westerns]: the latest wild west adventure penned by Joe R. Lansdale, who uses a liberal amount of literary latitude to successfully blend historical facts with the life and times of an interesting collection of infamous and honourable characters, both fictitious and real.

Peanut 1970s Collection Volume 1 2 DVD Set [Mainstream]: 6 Remastered but minor Peanuts cartoons on 2 DVD are still fun to watch.

Pearl Harbor: The Accused - HBO Canada Dec. 5th 9 pm [Documentary]: If you are a WWII history buff, you must set aside December 5th and tune in to HBO Canada at 9 pm for the 90-minute documentary Pearl Harbor: The Accused.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Titan s Curse [Mainstream]: A sequel you would like to see on the big screen

Percy Jackson & the Olympians Blu-ray DVD set [Action]: Excellent family movie but not for the wee ones.

Persepolis [Mainstream]: Nominated for 2007 Animated Feature Academy Award. Should've won.

Phil The Alien [Science Fiction]: If you want more out of science-fiction films than your basic Hollywood blockbuster and if you like weird and quirky science fiction movies, Phil The Alien is right up your alley.

Pistol Whipped - Steven Seagal [Action]: Good guy Steven Seagan becomes bad guy to pay back gambling debt. Canhe keep it up?

Playmobil The Secret of Pirate Island [Mainstream]: Interactive family DVD is lots of fun but needs parent to select options.

Please Give [Mainstream]: Do not.

Poland - Demony Wojny / Demons of War [Foreign Film]: Great Polish war movie about a Polish peacekeeping unit in Bosnia.

Poland - Major Hubal [Foreign Film]: Little-known story of WW II Polish resistance.

Poland - The Saragossa Manuscript [Foreign Film]: Very very very strange foreign film for fans of exotic cinema

Poltergeist Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Very good Spielberg horror-ish movie looks good on Blu-ray

Poseidon Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Decent enough remake of classic 70s disaster movie

Practical Magic Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Two witch sisters must cope with centuries old love curse.

Predator Blu-ray - Ultimate Hunter Edition [Action]: Superb Blu-ray action creature feature digitally improved for the most part.

Predators [Action]: Excellent action movie.

Press Release - CBC and CBC Newsworld Documentaries January 2008 [Mainstream]:

Pretty Little Liars - The Complete First Season [Mainstream]: Tween and teen girl show.

Pretty Maids All in a Row [Mainstream]: Odd sex romp comedy and murder mystery with Telly Savalas and Rock Hudson

Priest [Horror]: Decent enough Vampire western

Primer [Science Fiction]: If you could be in two places and two times at the same time would you do it?

Primeval: New World - Space beginning Oct 29th 10 p.m. [Science Fiction]: British series successfully crosses the pond in this Canadian spin-off

Prince of Thieves - Robin Hood Collection [Mainstream]: B-movie Robin Hood with decent swashbuckling, lesser color.

Project X - Heat CBC March 26, 2008 [Documentary]: Entertaining and great looking science show, this one on heat.

Project X - Light [Documentary]: Cool and hip science show, this time about light.

Prom Night Starring Jamie Lee Curtis [Horror]: Horror movie DVD with Jamie Lee Curtis. 'nuf said

Public Enemies - The Golden Age of the Gangster Film [Documentary]: Excellent DVD documentary on the American gangster film genre.

Pumpkinhead - Collector's Edition [Horror]: Father invokes monster to avenge his son's death.

Quake [Action]: The secret organization known as SPIRAL exists to fight a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states of every political persuasion.

Quarantine [Horror]: Excellent horror movie DVD

Quebec Under The Influence / Quebec Sous Ordonnance [Documentary]: Pharmaceutical companies are evil and it takes this DVD 90 minutes to tell you that.

Queen of Blood - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Science Fiction]: Odd science fiction DVD borrows heavily from two Russian movies

Quick And The Dead [Westerns]: Ellen, an unknown female gunslinger rides into a small, dingy and depressing prairie town with a secret as to her reason for showing up.

Race to Witch Mountain [Science Fiction]: A pair of alien teens have to recover their space ship in order to prevent the destruction of earth.

Radiant City - CBC Newsworld The Passionate Eye April 6th 2008 [Documentary]: The tale of what is wrong with the burbs.

Raging Bull Blu-ray [Mainstream]: Classic Scorsese / De Niro movie comes to full glory in Blu-ray

Ralph Bashki The Lord of the Rings Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: You either like or really dislike this animated version.

Ramona and Beezuz [Mainstream]: Excellent family DVD

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Blu-ray and DVD [Horror]: Cool Christmas horror movie

Raw Milk Crusader - Michael Schmidt - Newsworld 10/28/08 10 P.M. [Documentary]: Excellent and well-made documentary that debates how natural is natural.

Rawhide - Fox Western Classics [Westerns]: Stationmaster is held up by 4 bad men waiting for gold laden stagecoach.

Real Steel [Science Fiction]: A one time boxer now making a living piloting robot boxers spends a summer with his son seeking out fights and getting to know each other.

Recount [Mainstream]: Very interesting if complex HBO docudrama about the 2000 Presidential election

Red Dwarf Back to Earth - Director's Cut [Science Fiction]: The Red Dwarf crew finds itself on earth where it discovers it is a TV show facing cancellation. Good stuff.

Red Planet [Science Fiction]: Good SF thriller with no aliens and stuff blowing up.

Red Riding Hood Blu-ray DVD Combo [Horror]: Twilight meets not really Grimm tale

Red Siren / La sirene rouge [Action]: Very minor action movie with a minor role for Asia Argento. Read the book instead.

Redemption of the Ghost [Mainstream]: Feel good movie doesn't work because it tries too hard too many times.

Reeker [Horror]: Good, original horror movie not for blood and gore only fans

Reign Over Me - Adam Sandler [Mainstream]: The only Adam Sandler movie I like and a great drama.

Relativity CBC Newsworld April 29 2008 [Documentary]: A documentary about an adopted woman's many questions about herself, her families, and life.

Rent Filmed Live On Broadway [Mainstream]: If you like this musical, the Rent DVD is very well made.

Repo Man [Science Fiction]: Repo Man has got to be one of the best science fiction comedy DVDs out there.

Rescue Me - The Complete Third Season [Mainstream]: New York Fire Department soap opera starring Denis Leary

Rescue Me Season 5 Volume 2 [Mainstream]: Dennis Leary firefighter drama and soap opera.

Resident Evil: Extinction [Horror]: The third installment of the Resident Evil trilogy.

Resurrection Of Liberty [Science Fiction]: An excellent first novel perfect for fans of classic science fiction.

Return Of The Living Dead - Rave To The Grave [Horror]: Zombies go to a rave. Gore and topless girls. What else do you want?

Return of the Magnificent Seven Blu-ray [Westerns]: Pretty good sequel with Yul Brunner as the only original 7

Returner [Science Fiction]: A young woman from the future forces a local gunman to help her stop an impending alien invasion which will wipe out the human race.

Revenge For Jolly! [Action]: Tarantino knockoff

Revival [Mainstream]: Reverend turned preacher and carny dabbles with electricity to discover the unknown.

Revolution Season 1 - Blu-ray and DVD and Ultraviolet [Science Fiction]: 15 years after the power goes out, how is civilisation doing? Excellent dystopian SF series.

Rio - Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mainstream]: Fun but not great animated movie for the whole family

Rio - Mom Reviewed [Mainstream]: Mom and the kids liked this colorful animated story.

Ripper Street - Space - Begins January 19th 9 p.m. [Mainstream]: Murdoch Mysteries go to Victorian London in solid British TV series

Rise of the Planet of the Apes [Science Fiction]: Excellent movie. You do not need to be familiar with the franchise to appreciate it.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Vincent s review [Science Fiction]: An excellent prequel to a bad remake of a great original.

Rise of the Zombies - Space October 27th 10 P.M. [Action]: Excellent made for TV by The Asylum movie.

Robert Downey Jr. - The Biography Channel June 5 2008 8:00 [Documentary]: Rather weak biography of Robert Downey Jr. Not the best in the series.

Robert J. Sawyer Interview by Will McDermott [Interviews]: Interview with Robert J. Sawyer.

Robin Hood Season 2 - Robin Hood The Complete Series [Action]: Quite good but not quite as good as season 1

Robin Hood The Complete Series - Season One [Mainstream]: Another excellent BBC DVD set.

RoboCop Blu-ray - The RoboCop Trilogy [Action]: Good movie, bad Blu-ray

Robot Combat League - Space Tuesdays 10 p.m. [Science Fiction]: Robot Wars meets Rock Em Sock Em Robots in way cool show.

Robot Jox [Science Fiction]: Robot Jox is a morality play - an anti-war movie playing with cold war themes and pacifist philosophy in kind of a Sam Peckinpah Straw Dogs sort of way.

Rock of Ages Blu-ray DVD set [Mainstream]: Really cool 21st century musical with 80s soundtrack

RocknRolla Blu-ray - A Guy Ritchie Film [Action]: Good British gangster movie.

Rocky - The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray [Action]: Only way to get some of the Rocky movies on Blu-ray is this box set.

Rocky Balboa [Mainstream]: Rocky has a feeling of incompletion in his life decides to return to the ring to see if he has one last fight left in him.

Rocky Balboa Blu-ray - The Undisputed Collection [Mainstream]: Final ?? Rocky movie is pretty decent.

Rocky II - Rocky The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray [Action]: Apollo Creed vs. Rocky in good sequel to great movie

Rocky III Blu-ray - Rocky The Undisputed Collection [Action]: Where the Rocky franchise hits the canvas.

Roger Ebert - Your Movie Sucks [Mainstream]: A really fun to read collection of nasty movie reviews by critic Robert Ebert

Roman [Horror]: a very slow paced movie

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