Landwhale – Jes Baker

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On Turning Insults Into Nicknames, Why Body Image Is Hard, and How Diets Can Kiss My Ass
Jes Baker
Seal Press 2018

I wanted to read this book, because I hated the title. It offended me that anyone would refer to a fat person as a landwhale, let alone that it would be a name that the author would use for herself (maybe to remove its power). I wanted to know what was between the pages. Kindle: Landwhale: On Turning Insults Into Nicknames, Why Body Image Is Hard, and How Diets Can Kiss My Ass

Jes Baker is an internationally known, and vehemently outspoken body positivity advocate. She is a self-proclaimed hardcore badass. Landwhale: On Turning Insults Into Nicknames, Why Body Image Is Hard, and How Diets Can Kiss My Ass is her memoir.

There is no softening or political correctness in this book. Fat is fat. Baker tells it like it is. Brutally honest, intense, and often difficult to read, Landwhale is an eye-opener. It is about much more than weight.

Baker tackles topics such as six ways to hate your body, clothing choices, relationships, fat sex, discrimination, persecution, nonacceptance, and the illusion of the bulletproof fatty. Also included are wonderful stories of adventure and resilience, and a community of support and role models. She covers how being fat politically challenges society’s norms and expectations of perfection, and ends Landwhale with six ways to love your body.

A disturbing theme that recurs is how fat-shaming members of society deny fat people’s simple “right to live”. Targeted and scathing judgements are daily experiences that undermine self esteem and perpetuate nonacceptance of others and self, and the “we and they” mentality.

One one hand, her pain is palpable. One the other, her living life to the fullest, her sense of adventure and dedication to the cause are amazing!

Certain that everyone can relate to at least some things Baker says, I recommend Landwhale for those fat, thin or anything in between. Not for the faint of heart, it is a statement to the damage we can do to each other as human beings, and a compelling reason to love ourselves and others and break the cycle. I finished the book with a greater sense of compassion and understanding. (I still hate the title, but something tame would not have caught my attention.)

J Curran

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All Systems Down Cyber War Vol. 1 Sam Boush

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All Systems Down
The Cyber War Book 1
Sam Boush
Lakewater Press 2018
240 pages

Cyber war meets Stephen King’s The Stand in All Systems Down, the first of three SF novels in the Cyber War series by Sam Boush. The only thing wrong with this excellent speculative fiction novel is you have to wait for the other two to find out what happens. Kindle version

The premise is North Korea has invaded the United States with a malicious code that shuts down anything that has an electronic component. This means communications, power and water supply, most cars, and every infrastructure you can think of. The United States is left defenseless and people have to fend for themselves. A multinational force from Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea then invades the U.S.

ALL Systems Down has strong lead characters: Lieutenant Kelly Song, a naval fighter pilot, Brendan, a giant of a man with tremendous strength with a family to protect, Xandra, a computer expert who is the only hope to defeat the code, and a pilot and his young daughter hired to fly Xandra to Portland.

Every thriller needs a great villain and Sierra Eigelb, a salesclerk who discovers the joy of killing is an absolute great villain. She brings a great dose of violence to what is otherwise a fairly quiet apocalyptic story.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the next two books in the Cyber War series by Sam Boush.

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The Escape Artist

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The Escape Artist
Brad Meltzer
Grand Central Publishing 2018

What do an embalmer working for the U.S. Army, the Army’s artist in residence, and Harry Houdini’s long-deceased friends have in common? That is the heart of The Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer. If you are looking for a mystery novel off the beaten path with solid characters and an original plot, this novel is a sure bet. The Escape Artist Kindle

Jim “Zig” Zigarowski is a magician embalmer who can make the most battered body almost lifelike. Nola Brown is the Artist in Residence for the U.S. Army both because she is a great artist whose talents are valuable on the battlefield but also to keep her out of harm’s way, her harm’s way. A plane crashes in Alaska, Nola Brown was on it, and her body is brought to Zig who immediately recognizes the name of a girl who saved his daughter’s life but that name does not belong to the body in front of him.

Zig sets out to find out what happened to Nola Brown because the body left a message indicating Nola Brown is in real danger. Nola is often one step ahead of Zig and does not want to be found. They both stumble upon operation Bluebook. A blue book is what magicians used to leave around different towns for the next magician who needed background stories on the locals to make his or her talking to the dead more believable. Here, Bluebook is the names of Harry Houdini’s long-deceased friends that are used decade after decade as covers for agents in secret operations.

A man who calls himself Houdini really wants to make Nola Brown disappear before she learns too much and this is when Zig gets caught in the crossfire.

Also integrating chapters about Nola’s childhood, The Escape Artist is a complex narrative but Brad Meltzer has a sure hand and this mystery novel never loses its reader or his or her interest.

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Justice League

Justice League
Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash
Directed by Zack Snyder
DVD Blu-Ray Digital
Warner Brothers 2018
120 minutes

Considering Superman in on the cover, it is no spoiler alert to reveal Justice League brings Clark Kent back from the dead after his encounter with Bartman in Batman vs Superman. In this fun to watch movie Superman joins Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and teen superheros Flash and Cyborg to defeat yet another villain out to destroy the earth. There may not be as much action as some action movie fans would have wished for but Justice League is still entertaining and a must for fans of the CD Comics franchise

Here the heroes must band together to defeat Steppenwolf (no relation to the band) who is out to find and connect three mystical boxes that put together will summon super villain Darkseid and cause life on earth to end. It is not hard for Batman to convince Wonder Woman to join the fight but he finds it more difficult to bring Aquaman on board. The trio is soon joined by a couple of teenage superheroes Flash and Cyborg who is sort of a six-million dollar man on steroids.

After fighting the bad guy some, Batman figures out a way to bring Superman back to life. It is only once that is achieved that Justice League really takes off action wise and like all action movies the finale is where all the special effects and CGI money went. As showdown goes it rates a 7 out of 10 but it will still keep you engaged and rooting for the good guys.

Pay attention to the credits as they include a race between Flash and Superman and a scene that sets up the next movie in the DC Universe.

You do not have to be familiar with Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman to enjoy this third instalment in the franchise.

Special features on the Blu-ray are Road to Justice about fifty years of the Justice League; The cast showing their appreciation for the DC franchise; New Heroes; The Return of Superman (bonus scenes); Steppenwolf the Conqueror; Scene studies segments:  Revisiting the Amazons, Wonder Woman’s Rescue, the tunnel battle, and Heroes Park; and Suit Up: the look of the League.  Features on the Justice League DVD are the same except for The Return of Superman

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The Almighty Johnsons – The Space Channel Mondays 9 PM

The Almighty Johnson is a fantasy series out of New Zealand about Norse gods living in modern times. The pilot episode airs July 23rd at 9 PM on The Space Channel. The show is followed by season 2 of Alphas, a series about five superhumans who help out government agencies solve mysteries

It is hard to get a real feel for The Almighty Johnsons based on the pilot as it is very busy setting up all the characters, the villains, and setting up the backstory. The short and sweet version is Axl Johnson turns 21 and learns he is Norse god Odin. His cousin is his grandfather (didn't know Norse gods were rednecks, didyah?) and his brothers are other gods. He must complete the quest before he is killed and his whole family is also wiped out. The quest is to find Mrs. Right, a gal named Gaia.

A woman and her female minions is out to stop Axl because she does not want an all-male god system.

This is a promising idea. I hope the second show gets more action and such to keep the audience.

The show was renewed for a second season in New Zealand so that must mean something.

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Sinbad – Premieres July 8th 7 PM The Space Channel

The Space Channel
Sundays 7 PM
Premieres July 8th

The problem with getting a screener is you sometimes get hooked on the series. This is the case for Sinbad. Episode 1 premieres July 8th at 7 on The Space Channel and Season 1 will features 12 episodes. This is a British series from Sky 1

Elliot Knight plays Sinbad, a young man in his early twenties who scrounges around for a living with his brother. One way to raise money is to get into fights and win only when the odds are against him. One fight pits him against a future young emir and Sinbad accidentally kills him. The Emir's father wants justice. Stuff happens and Sinbad's mother curses him to never be able to set foot on land for more than one cycle of the sun until he has paid for his sins.

His first trip out is as a stowaway where he encounters some kind of water monster. It is possible something Sinbad did while he was in Malta is responsible for some of the darker manifestations he will encounter.

The show features lots of action, very interesting characters, and monsters. Naveen Andrews (of Lost fame) is stuck playing a stereotypical angry Arab sheik who is one of the baddies in this show.

Some of the CGI is rather low rent but can you really have a Sinbad without a few low budget features?

Sinbad is way cool and a lot of fun to watch. I am hooked.

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